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bug 653300, using url() like we should

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commit 0354221372af2a18c307648e865beb69d2f786b9 1 parent deee8c2
@davedash davedash authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 apps/feedback/templates/feedback/mobile/beta_index.html
4 apps/feedback/templates/feedback/mobile/beta_index.html
@@ -10,12 +10,12 @@
<p>{{ _('Please choose the type of feedback that you would like to submit to us:') }}</p>
<div class="feedback_index happy">
- <a href="happy" title="{{ _('Firefox makes me happy ...') }}"><div
+ <a href="{{ url('feedback.happy') }}" title="{{ _('Firefox makes me happy ...') }}"><div
class="smiley happy feedback_index">&#9786;</div></a>
<p>{{ _('Firefox makes me happy ...') }}</p>
<div class="feedback_index sad">
- <a href="sad" title="{{ _('Firefox makes me sad ...') }}"><div
+ <a href="{{ url('feedback.sad') }}" title="{{ _('Firefox makes me sad ...') }}"><div
class="smiley sad feedback_index">&#9786;</div></a>
<p>{{ _('Firefox makes me sad ...') }}</p>
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