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Bringing scripting to the wiki bears.

KumaScript overview



  • To run the service (in kuma vagrant):
    • cd /home/vagrant/src; node kumascript/run.js
  • To run the service (standalone):
    • Directly:
      • node run.js
    • Managed by up:
      • ./node_modules/.bin/up -p 9080 -w run.js
  • To run tests:
    • ./node_modules/.bin/nodeunit tests
  • To check code quality:
    • ./node_modules/.bin/hint lib tests
      • This will make a racket if it hits parser.js
      • TODO: Ignore this file.
  • To generate docs:
    • ./node_modules/.bin/docco lib/kumascript/*.js
  • To generate document macro parser (optional):
    • ./node_modules/.bin/pegjs lib/kumascript/parser.pegjs
      • This is not required in dev, but should be done for production.
      • If parser.js is missing, the parser will be built on the fly.

On OS X, kicker is handy for auto-running tests and lint on file changes:

kicker -e'./node_modules/.bin/jshint lib tests' \
       -e'./node_modules/.bin/nodeunit tests' \
       -e'./node_modules/.bin/docco lib/kumascript/*.js' \
       --no-growl \
       lib tests
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