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  • aggregate_rollover - links the lines in a multi-line graphic
  • animate_on_load - determines whether lines are transitioned on first-load
  • area - determines whether to fill the area below the line
  • baselines - horizontal lines that indicate, say, goals.
  • chart_type - {line, histogram, point, missing-data}
  • custom_line_color_map - maps an arbitrary set of lines to colors
  • decimals - the number of decimals to show in a rollover
  • error - does the graphic have an error that we want to communicate to users
  • format - the format of the data object (count or percentage)
  • full_height - sets height to that of the parent, adjusts dimensions on window resize
  • full_width - sets width to that of the parent, adjusts dimensions on window resize
  • interpolate - the interpolation function to use for rendering lines
  • interpolate_tension - increase the tension to fix artifacts when your data is irregular
  • legend - an array of literals used to label lines
  • legend_target - the DOM element to insert the legend in
  • linked - used to link multiple graphics together
  • linked_format - specifies the format of linked rollovers
  • list - automatically maps the data to x and y accessors
  • markers - vertical lines that indicate, say, milestones
  • max_data_size - for use with custom_line_color_map
  • mouseover - custom rollover function
  • mousemove - custom rollover function
  • mouseout - custom rollover function
  • point_size - the radius of the dot that appears over an active data point
  • rollover_callback (deprecated) - custom rollover function
  • show_confidence_band - determines whether to show a confidence band
  • show_rollover_text - determines whether to show text for a data point on rollover
  • show_tooltips - determines whether to display descriptions in tooltips
  • target - the DOM element to insert the graphic in
  • transition_on_update - gracefully transitions the lines on data change
  • x_rollover_format - a function or string that formats the x accessor's rollover text
  • x_rug - show a rug plot along the x-axis
  • y_rollover_format - a function or string that formats the y accessor's rollover text
  • y_rug - show a rug plot along the y-axis



Scatterplot (experimental)

  • color_accessor - the data element to use to map points to colors
  • color_range - the range used to color different groups of points
  • color_type - specifies whether the color scale is quantitative or qualitative
  • point_size - the radius of the dots in the scatterplot
  • size_accessor - should point sizes be mapped to data
  • size_range - the range of point sizes
  • lowess - specifies whether to show a lowess line of best-fit
  • ls - specifies whether to show a least-squares line of best-fit

Histogram (experimental)

  • bar_margin - the margin between bars
  • binned - specifies whether the histogram data is already binned
  • bins - the number of bins to use

Barplot (experimental)

Data table (experimental)