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sccache now includes experimental support for caching Rust compilation. This includes many caveats, and is primarily focused on caching rustc invocations as produced by cargo. A (possibly-incomplete) list follows:

  • --emit is required.
  • --crate-name is required.
  • Only link and dep-info are supported as --emit values, and link must be present.
  • --out-dir is required.
  • -o file is not supported.
  • Compilation from stdin is not supported, a source file must be provided.
  • Values from env! will not be tracked in caching.
  • Procedural macros that read files from the filesystem may not be cached properly
  • Target specs aren't hashed (e.g. custom target specs)

If you are using Rust 1.18 or later, you can ask cargo to wrap all compilation with sccache by setting RUSTC_WRAPPER=sccache in your build environment.

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