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Send V2 Metrics Definitions

Key Value Prop

Quickly and privately transfer large files from any device to any device.

Key Business Question to Answer

Is the value proposition of a large encrypted file transfer service enough to drive Firefox Account relationships for non-Firefox users.

Hypotheses to Test

Primary - In support of Relationships KPI

We believe that a privacy-respecting file transfer service can drive Firefox Accounts beyond the Firefox Browser.

We will know this to be true when we see 250k Firefox Account creations from non-Firefox contexts w/in six months of launch.

Secondary - In support of Revenue KPI

We believe that a privacy respecting service accessible beyond the reach of Firefox will provide a valuable platform to research, communicate with, and market to conscious choosers we have traditionally found hard to reach.

We will know this to be true when we can conduct six research tasks (surveys, A/B tests, fake doors, etc) in support of premium services KPIs in the first six months after launch.

Overview of Key Measures

  • Number of people using the service to send and receive files
    • Why: measure of service size. Important for understanding addressable market size
  • Percent of users who have or create an FxAccount via Send
    • Why: representation of % of any service users who might be amenable to an upsell
  • % of downloaders who convert into uploaders
    • Why: represents a measure of our key growth-loop potential
  • Count of uploads and size
    • Why: Represents cost of service on a running basis

Key Funnels

  • App Open or Visit --- DESIRED OUTCOME ---> Successful Upload
  • Download UI Visit --- DESIRED OUTCOME ---> Successful Download
  • FxA UI Engagement --- DESIRED OUTCOME ---> Authenticate
  • STRETCH App Open or Visit --- DESIRED OUTCOME ---> Successful Download

Amplitude Schema

Please see, See Amplitude HTTP API( for HTTP API reference.

Metric Events

In support of our KPIs we collect events from two separate contexts, server and client. The events are designed to have minimal correlation between contexts.

Server events collect lifecycle information about individual uploads but no user information; also time precision is truncated to hour increments. Client events collect information about how users interact with the UI but no upload identifiers.

Server Events

Server events allow us to aggregate data about file lifecycle without collecting data about individual users. In this context user_id and user_properties describe the uploaded archive.

  • session_id -1 (not part of a session)
  • user_id hash of (archive_id + owner_id)
  • app_version package.json version
  • time timestamp truncated to hour precision
  • country
  • region
  • event_type [server_upload | server_download | server_delete]
  • user_properties
    • download_limit set number of downloads
    • time_limit set expiry duration
    • size approximate size (log10)
    • anonymous true if anonymous, false if fxa
  • event_properties
    • download_count downloads completed
    • ttl time remaining before expiry truncated to hour
    • agent the browser name or first 6 characters of the user agent that made the request

Client Events

Client events allow us to aggregate data about how the user interface is being used without tracking the lifecycle of individual files. In this context user_id and user_properties describe the user. The user_id and device_id change for all users at the beginning of each month.

  • session_id timestamp
  • user_id hash of (fxa_id + Date.year + Date.month)
  • device_id hash of (localStorage random id + Date.year + Date.month)
  • platform [web | android]
  • country
  • region
  • language
  • time timestamp
  • os_name
  • event_type [client_visit | client_upload | client_download | client_delete | client_login | client_logout]
  • event_properties
    • browser
    • browser_version
    • status [ ok | error | cancel ]
    • Event specific properties (see below)
  • user_properties
    • active_count number of active uploads
    • anonymous true if anonymous, false if fxa
    • experiments list of experiment ids the user is participating in
    • first_action how this use came to Send the first time [ upload | download ]

Visit Event

  • entrypoint [ upload | download ]

Upload Event

  • download_limit download limit
  • file_count number of files
  • password_protected boolean
  • size approximate size (log10)
  • time_limit time limit
  • duration approximate transfer duration (log10)

Download Event

  • password_protected boolean
  • size approximate size (log10)
  • duration approximate transfer duration (log10)

Delete Event

  • age hours since uploaded
  • downloaded downloaded at least once

Login Event

  • trigger [button | time | count | size]

Logout Event

  • trigger [button | timeout]
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