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Contributing to Ansible

It is required that you read the following information to learn how to contribute to this project.

Branch Info

Here's how to understand the branches.

  • The devel branch corresponds to the latest ongoing release
  • Various release-X.Y branches exist for previous releases
  • All feature work happens on the development branch.
  • Major bug fixes will be made to the last release branch only
  • See for release notes to track each release.

Patch Instructions

Contributions to the core and modules are greatly welcome.

  • Required Process:
    • Submit github pull requests to the "ansible/devel" branch for features
    • Fixes for bugs may also be submitted to "ansible/release-X.Y" for the last release
    • Make sure "make tests" passes before submitting any requests.
  • Bonus points:
    • Joining the mailing list
    • Fixing bugs instead of sending bug reports.
    • Using squash merges
    • Updating the "rst/*" files in the docs project and "docs/" manpage content
    • Adding more unit tests
  • Avoid:
    • Sending patches to the mailing list directly.
    • Sending feature pull requests to the 'release' branch instead of the devel branch
    • Sending pull requests to mpdehaan's personal ansible fork.
    • Sending pull requests about more than one feature in the same pull request.
    • Whitespace restructuring
    • Large scale refactoring without a discussion on the list

Coding Standards

We're not too strict on style considerations, but we require:

  • python 2.6 compliant code, unless in ansible modules, then python 2.4 compliant code (no 'with', etc)
  • 4-space indents, no tabs except in Makefiles
  • under_scores for method names and variables, not camelCase
  • GPLv3 license headers on all files, with copyright on new files with your name on it
  • no single-line if statements, deeply nested list comprehensions, or clever use of metaclasses -- keep it simple
  • comments where appropriate

Contributors License Agreement

By contributing you agree that these contributions are your own (or approved by your employer) and you grant a full, complete, irrevocable copyright license to all users and developers of the project, present and future, persusant to the license of the project.

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