One Time Licensing

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If you are reading this and wondering "What is Sidekiq?", it's a development tool for your website. Talk to your engineering team and visit

I originally sold Sidekiq Pro for a one-time fee. This was a mistake. After a year, I realized this pricing model was unsustainable (customers and support costs accumulate but revenue does not) and switched to an annual subscription. My first 150 customers or so paid one time and have been grandfathered in for the last three years so they can access the gem server without further payment but at some point this has to stop - I can't support this type of customer forever.

Starting October 1st 2016, one-time Sidekiq Pro customers will lose access to the gem server. They have two choices:

  • Sign up for an annual subscription; access will continue as long as the subscription is maintained.1
  • Update their application to not require access to the gem server by vendoring the gem.

Let me be clear: one-time customers will still have a license to run their current Sidekiq Pro version in production. Existing apps can continue to run without fear. But without a subscription, support and bundler access will stop. I hope this is a fair compromise for all involved and I do apologize for my rookie business mistake which led to this situation.

Please email if you want to discuss further with me.

  1. Pro tip: use a group email (, not to ensure employee turnover doesn't cause your subscription to lapse.