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gpgdir-1.9.6 (01/05/2015):
- In --Obfuscate-filenames mode, added support for also obfuscating
directories. Each directory is obfuscated similarly to files, so
/some/directory/path/ becomes /some/directory/gpgdir_dN where "N" is
an integer that is incremented for each directory at the same relative
path level. The original directory names are stored in an encrypted
file ".gpgdir_dir_map_file.gpg" for each original directory. The top
level directory path is not obfuscated.
- (Ben Staude) Submitted a patch to allow multiple --Exclude patterns to
be specified directly from the command line.
- Better pid file handling so that the <dir>/ file is removed
at gpgdir shutdown even if various error conditions exist.
- (Test suite): Added more rigorous test suite support for ensuring that
the shape of a directory is preserved across the encrypt/decrypt cycle.
There was already code to verify MD5 sums across the cycle, but now an
error will be thrown if any file is lost or a new file is created by
gpgdir inappropriately.
gpgdir-1.9.5 (09/05/2009):
- Added support for the decryption of PGP encrypted files (to round out
the support of GnuPG).
gpgdir-1.9.4 (02/12/2009):
- Fixed a bug in missing the proper handling of files with spaces when
using the --Wipe secure deletion mode (reported by Lars Wilke).
- The --Force option now supports the ability to encrypt/decrypt hidden
files (suggested by Lars Wilke).
gpgdir-1.9.3 (11/05/2008):
- Bugfix for using -f instead of -I for non-interactive file erasure
(Franck Joncourt).
- Simplified test suite code by creating a set of default arguments for
the gpgdir command line as each test is executed.
gpgdir-1.9.2 (08/31/2008):
- Added new modes '--sign <dir>' and '--verify <dir>' to allow all files
in the specified directory to be signed or verified instead of encrypted
or decrypted. All GnuPG signatures are created as "<file>.asc", and the
original file is not removed in --sign mode. In --verify mode, if any
file does not match the expected .asc signature, then a warning like the
following will be generated:
[+] Verifying: /home/mbr/src/gpgdir/test/data-dir/multi-line-ascii.asc
- Bugfix to not die() when files that are encrypted with a different GnuPG
key are encountered in a directory that is being decrypted. A warning
message (see below) is now generated and the file is skipped:
[+] Decrypting: /home/mbr/tmp/gpgdir/a.gpg
[-] Skipping file encrypted with different GnuPG key: a.gpg
- Updated to use the status output from GnuPG::Interface to detect a bad
passphrase and whether a file is encrypted with the expected GnuPG key.
- Moved the GnuPG::Interface, Class::MethodMaker, and Term::ReadKey
modules to the deps/ directory, and updated the installer and RPM spec
file to account for the path change. This change was suggested by
Franck Joncourt for the other projects.
- Updated the test suite to generate files in the output/ directory
according to test number and append the result of each test within each
file. This makes it easy to tell which tests have failed with a simple
'grep fail output/*test'.
- Added the gpgdir-nodeps.spec file to allow an RPM to be built that does
not contain any perl modules dependencies.
- Updated gpgdir to import perl modules via 'require' statements instead
of 'use' statements so that the path to the modules directory can be
changed via the --Lib-dir command line argument. Also updated to use
the 'auto' heuristic (first implemented in the fwknop project) to detect
perl module directories that should be used in the --Lib-dir directory
to import perl modules from.
gpgdir-1.9.1 (06/07/2008):
- Updated to Class::MethodMaker 2.11 from CPAN. This helps with systems
running perl-5.10.0 and greater (such as Fedora 9).
- Updated to always set the LC_ALL environmental variable to the "C"
locale. This can be set to other locales with a new argument --locale,
or the default locale can be used by using --no-locale argument.
gpgdir-1.9 (05/31/2008):
- Changed --Obfuscate-filenames format to not include the gpgdir PID.
This allows directories to be encrypted/decrypted under -O multiple
times without creating new filenames (which would pollute encrypted
directories under rsync to other systems). The new -O encrypted
filename format is just "gpgdir_<num>.gpg".
- Added PID locking against directories so that multiple gpgdir processes
cannot operate against the same top-level directory simultaneously.
This is useful for users that typically operate with multiple shells
and might launch gpgdir from any of them.
gpgdir-1.8 (04/04/2008):
- Updated the test suite to validate the gpgdir --Obfuscate-filenames
mode to ensure that files are encrypted as "gpgdir_<pid>_<num>.gpg".
- Minor bug fix to remove the .gpgdir_map_file in --Obfuscate-filenames
mode after a successful decryption cycle.
- Updated to version 0.36 of CPAN GnuPG::Interface module.
gpgdir-1.7 (02/18/2008):
- Bugfix to ensure that encrypted directories can actually be decrypted.
This bug was reported by Per Ronny Westin.
- Updated to use the ".asc" extension for encrypted files in --Plain-ascii
- Added gpgdir test suite. All future gpgdir releases (and including this
1.7 release) require that all gpgdir tests pass on the systems where
gpgdir is developed.
gpgdir-1.6 (02/17/2008):
- Bugfix to not include previously encrypted files (i.e. those with a .gpg
extension) in the encryption/decryption file list. This bug was
introduced in gpgdir-1.5 when a change was made to ignore ascii-armored
- Added added LC_ALL=C locale setting for the script (this
should help to ensure gpgdir is properly installed on most systems). Two
new command line arguments --LC_ALL and --no-LC_ALL also allow the
locale setting to be changed or not used at all.
- Added --Exclude-mod-regex option to the script so that it is
possible to force the exclusion of perl modules that gpgdir would
normally install. This is useful for ensuring that gpgdir references
perl modules that are already installed in the system perl library tree
instead of using those that are installed in /usr/lib/gpgdir.
- Updated to display command line usage warnings without automatically
displaying the entire usage() page (which is quite long).
gpgdir-1.5 (08/31/2007):
- Added the --Symmetric option so that files can be encrypted/decrypted
via a symmetric encryption algorithm (GnuPG commonly uses CAST5 for
- Added the --Plain-ascii option so that GnuPG is invoked with the -a
option so that encrypted files are ascii armored instead of encrypted in
binary form.
- Bugfix to ensure not to delete zero-size files if a bad password is
given (gpgdir now just throws a warning and exits in this case).
- Minor code enhancements to provide a consistent hash_init() invocation
with the same options hash.
- Updated to exclude .asc files from the encryption/decryption process.
gpgdir-1.4 (07/20/2007):
- (Anthony Chivetta) Submitted patch to implement the
--overwrite-encrypted command line argument to allow previously
encrypted files to be overwritten. This is useful for updating an
encrypted directory with new versions of the previously encrypted files.
Also added the --overwrite-decrypted command line argument to perform
the same function for previously decrypted files.
- (Anthony Chivetta) Submitted patch to fix a bug where a filename of
"0.gpg" could not be decrypted because "0" does not evaluate to a true
gpgdir-1.3 (06/09/2007):
- Added --Obfuscate mode so that the files within a directory can be
altered into unrecognizable names (which are stored within the file
.gpgdir_map_file within each sub-directory, and this file is itself
encrypted). The obfuscated file names are reversed when a directory
is decrypted.
- Added the --Agent-info command line argument so that the value of the
GPG_AGENT_INFO environment variable can be specified on the gpgdir
command line.
gpgdir-1.2 (05/28/2007):
- Added support for installing gpgdir on Windows under Cygwin (via the script). Installing gpgdir on FreeBSD systems also works.
- Added support for installing gpgdir within a user home directory without
the need for root access (this requires installing gpgdir with the script).
- Added --agent to have gpgdir acquire gpg key password from a running
gpg-agent instance.
- Added --no-password so gpgdir can use a gpg key with no associated
password (this is not common). The user is not prompted for a password
in this case.
gpgdir-1.1 (05/21/2007):
- Added the ability to securely delete the original versions of files with
the 'wipe' program (after they have been successfully encrypted). Also
added --wipe-path to specify a path to the wipe binary (the default is
/usr/bin/wipe), --wipe-interactive to force the wipe program to prompt
the user before a file is deleted, and --wipe-cmdline to allow the user
to build a set of command line arguments that are passed to the wipe
- Added --Force to have gpgdir skip over the error condition where a file
cannot be deleted (because of a permissions issue for example).
- Added --Trial-run to allow the user to see what actions gpgdir would
take to encrypt or decrypt files, but no files are actually modified.
- Added --Interactive to have gpgdir prompt the user before every file is
encrypted, decrypted.
- Added the gpgdir.SlackBuild script (contributed by pyllyukko originally
for the psad project) for building gpgdir on Slackware systems.
gpgdir-1.0.3 (09/17/2006):
- Minor bugfix to correct 1.0.1 version number (which should have been set
to 1.0.2) in the gpgdir RPM spec file.
gpgdir-1.0.2 (09/17/2006):
- Minor bugfix to correct 1.0 version number (which should have been set
to 1.0.1). The result is the 1.0.2 release.
gpgdir-1.0.1 (09/16/2006):
- Added --quiet option to have gpgdir print as little as possible to the
screen when encrypting or decrypting a directory.
- Added x86_64 RPM (original patch from Mate Wierdl adapted for gpgdir).
gpgdir-1.0 (09/13/2006):
- Added --Key-id command line argument so that use_key can be overridden
from the command line
- Made the argument to use_key not have to strictly be a keyID since GnuPG
allows a unique string match on keys in the key ring
- Added --Default-key to allow the user to have gpgdir use the default
key that is defined by GnuPG within the ~/.gnupg/options file.
- Updated the .gpgdirrc file to include the line "default_key" to allow
the user to have gpgdir prefer to use the GnuPG default key.
- Added the ChangeLog.svn file to show exactly which files have been
changed from release to release, and what the corresponding Subversion
log messages are.
- Minor documentation updates.
gpgdir-0.9.9 (09/07/2006):
- Added RPM .spec file to build gpgdir as an RPM.
- Added the --Skip-mod-install command line argument to to
allow all perl module installs to be skipped.
- Added the --force-mod-regex command line argument to to allow
a regex match on perl module names to force matching modules to be
- Updated to TermReadKey-2.30 from 2.21.
gpgdir-0.9.8 (07/03/2006):
- Updated to use GnuPG::Interface instead of GnuPG module. This should
fix the incompatibility issues seen between the GnuPG module and some
GnuPG installations.
- Added perl module installation code from fwknop (see This allows gpgdir to
preferentially use any perl modules that are already be installed on the
gpgdir-0.9.4 (10/12/2005):
- Updated test mode to encrypt and decrypt a testing file within the
directory to be encrypted or decrypted. This file is located at
<dir>/gpgdir_test, and is removed after the test is completed.
- Bugfix for "protocol error: expected SHM_GET_XXX got GOOD_PASSPHRASE"
error in GnuPG module.
gpgdir-0.9.3 (02/20/2005):
- Added --Include and --Include-from options to allow inclusion
regular expressions to be specified.
- Bugfix for not decrypting filesnames that contain spaces.
gpgdir-0.9.2 (01/05/2005):
- Added preservation of file mtime and atime values (may be disabled
with the --no-preserve-times option).
- Added testing encryption and decryption of dummy file (may be
disabled with --skip-test) by default for both encrypt and decrypt
- Added --test-mode to run encrypt -> decrypt test and exit.
- Removed unnecessary compression options.
- Updated get_homedir() to reference HOME environmental variable if
the /etc/passwd file does not exist (OS X being a good example).
- Added --verbose mode.
- Updated output to generate errors on a per-file basis instead of
dumping them at the end of an encrypt/decrypt operation.
gpgdir-0.9.1 (11/11/2004):
- Updated perl module to handle return code of PLAINTEXT
which seems to be returned by GunPG now (as of version 1.2.6)
instead of DECRYPTION_OKAY upon a successful decryption.
gpgdir-0.9 (09/12/2004):
- Added --gnupg-dir option to allow a user to specify a different
user's .gnupg directory for encryption keys.
- Switched to "[+]" (and related) message prefixes.
gpgdir-0.8 (05/29/2004):
- Added --Exclude and --Exclude-from options to allow files to be
excluded based on regex matches.
- Reworked error messages so they contain the filename associated
with each error.
gpgdir-0.4 (04/23/2004):
- Added --pw-file option so that a decryption password can be
read out of a file.
- Better directory validation (filesystem -e and -d checks).
- Added INSTALL file.
- Updated man page and README file.
gpgdir-0.3 (09/27/2003):
- Bundled perl modules GnuPG and TermReadKey with gpgdir.
- Modified and gpgdir to install and use GnuPG and
TermReadKey modules from the /usr/lib/gpgdir directory.
- Added check_commands() subroutine from psad.