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Clojure Framework

My set up for Clojure on Mac OS X Leopard.

Set Up Instructions

I've detailed much of this set up in a blog post but here's the short, command-line by command-line version:

Clone a copy of this project to your ~/Library/ directory:

$ cd ~/Library
$ git clone git:// Clojure
$ cd Clojure

Create a directory lib:

$ mkdir -p ~/Library/Clojure/lib

Grab the latest release of Clojure and put the jar in the lib directory:

$ curl > /tmp/
$ unzip /tmp/ -d /tmp/
$ cp /tmp/clojure/clojure.jar lib/

Next, get JLine to make Clojure's interactive mode nicer:

$ curl > /tmp/
$ unzip /tmp/ -d /tmp/
$ cp /tmp/jline-0.9.94/jline-0.9.94.jar lib/jline.jar

Make the clj script executable and link to it from somewhere in your $PATH. (I use ~/bin and have added it to my $PATH in my ~/.bash_profile):

$ chmod u+x clj
$ ln -s ~/Library/Clojure/clj ~/bin/clj

This next steps are optional. Only do them if you want to use libraries from clojure-contrib:

$ git clone git:// /tmp/contrib
$ cd /tmp/contrib
$ ant -Dclojure.jar=$HOME/Library/Clojure/lib/clojure.jar
$ cp clojure-contrib.jar ~/Library/Clojure/lib/


The clj command can be used to open an interactive session:

$ clj

or it can be used to run a script:

$ clj test.clj 
Hello, Clojure!

To add extra jar files to the Clojure's classpath on a project-by-prject basis, just create a .clojure file in the project's directory with the text to add to the classpath.

For example, in my ~/code/clojure/cafe project directory, I can add the Grinder and Frother jars from the ~/code/clojure/cafe/lib directory by putting their relative paths, separated by a colon, into a .clojure file:

$ cd ~/code/clojure/cafe
$ echo "lib/grinder.jar:lib/frother.jar" > .clojure