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Photo of Mark Reid drinking a coffee


I'm Mark Reid, a 30-something Australian, academic, husband, programmer, father, snowboarder, and web-nerd---amongst other things. You can find out more about be by poking around the links above and below.

+-- {.section} Research

My day job is as a Research Fellow in statistical machine learning at the Australian National University's Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering. =--

+-- {.section} Blogs

I keep a research blog called Inductio ex Machina on machine learning and statistics. Recent posts include: {% for post in site.categories.iem limit:3 %}

{% endfor %} =--

+--{.section} I have also just started a programming blog called Structure & Process. {% for sappost in limit:3 %}

{% endfor %} =--

+-- {.section} Twitter

Contacting Twitter... {:#twitter_update_list }


+-- {.section} Reading

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