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#!/usr/bin/env tclsh
# Usage: make-c-ext.tcl source.tcl >jim-source.c
# Converts a Tcl source file into C source suitable
# for loading as a static extension.
lassign $argv source
if {![string match *.tcl $source]} {
error "Source $source is not a .tcl file"
# Read the Tcl source and convert to C
# Note that no lines are removed in order to preserve line numbering
set sourcelines {}
set f [open $source]
while {[gets $f buf] >= 0} {
# Remove comment lines
regsub {^[ \t]*#.*$} $buf "" buf
# Escape quotes and backlashes
set buf [string map [list \\ \\\\ \" \\"] $buf]
lappend sourcelines \"$buf\\n\"
close $f
lappend lines {/* autogenerated - do not edit */}
lappend lines {#include <jim.h>}
set basename [file tail $source]
set pkgname [file rootname $basename]
lappend lines "int Jim_${pkgname}Init(Jim_Interp *interp)"
lappend lines "\{"
lappend lines "\tif (Jim_PackageProvide(interp, \"$pkgname\", \"1.0\", JIM_ERRMSG)) return JIM_ERR;"
lappend lines "\treturn Jim_EvalSource(interp, \"$basename\", 1, [join $sourcelines \n]);"
lappend lines "\}"
puts [join $lines \n]
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