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(* SML has optional structures in the basis called PackRealLittle and
* PackRealBig (implementing the PACK_REAL signature) for marshalling and
* unmarshalling real data. While mlton provides these, SML/NJ does not.
* This is an implementation of PACK_REAL for SML/NJ built on top of
* unsafe casting and subscripting. *)
functor PackRealFn(val isBigEndian : bool) : PACK_REAL =
type real = real
val bytesPerElem = 8
val isBigEndian = isBigEndian
structure UR = Unsafe.Real64Array
structure UB = Unsafe.Word8Array
structure A = Word8Array
structure AS = Word8ArraySlice
structure V = Word8Vector
structure VS = Word8VectorSlice
fun rawToBytes x =
let val a : UR.array = Unsafe.cast (RealArray.array (1, x))
in V.tabulate (bytesPerElem, fn i => UB.sub (a, i)) end
fun rawFromBytes (v : V.vector) = UR.sub (Unsafe.cast v, 0)
fun rawToBytes x =
let val a = Real64Array.array (8, x) (* LOOOOOL. *)
in V.tabulate (bytesPerElem, fn i => A.sub (a, i)) end
fun rawFromBytes (v : V.vector) =
let val a = A.tabulate (V.length v, fn i => V.sub (v, i))
in Real64Array.sub (a, 0) end
(* Compare against a known result to determine the system's endianness
* and swap around byte orders if it differs from our intended endianness. *)
val isSystemBigEndian = V.sub (rawToBytes 3.14159265358979323, 0) <> 0wx18
val swizzle = if isBigEndian = isSystemBigEndian then (fn v => v) else
(fn v => V.tabulate (bytesPerElem, fn i => V.sub (v, bytesPerElem-i-1)))
val toBytes = swizzle o rawToBytes
val fromBytes = rawFromBytes o swizzle
fun subVec (v, i) =
fromBytes (VS.vector (VS.slice (v, bytesPerElem*i, SOME bytesPerElem)))
fun subArr (v, i) =
fromBytes (AS.vector (AS.slice (v, bytesPerElem*i, SOME bytesPerElem)))
fun update (v, i, x) = A.copyVec { src = toBytes x, dst = v, di = i*bytesPerElem }
structure PackRealLittle = PackRealFn(val isBigEndian = false)
structure PackReal64Little = PackRealLittle
structure PackRealBig = PackRealFn(val isBigEndian = true)
structure PackReal64Big = PackRealBig