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Single Page App Checklist

This is a checklist for browser-based Web App without the backend or with a 3rd-party backend.


  • Licences of my app's 3rd-party dependencies are not violated
  • My app does not violate cryptography policies and laws
  • My app is compliant according to the organisation standards


  • My app is accessible
    • Colors and contrast are color-blind friendly OR there is a possiblity to switch to high-contrast mode
    • My app is screenreader-friendly
    • My app has keyboard navigation


  • My app is served from CDN or cookie-less subdomain
  • My app is served with forever cache headers for static assets
  • My app static resources are gzipped

Loading optimization

  • My app can load it's assets in parallel (css, images and scripts)
  • My app uses icon sprites
  • My app does not hit browser HTTP requests limit per host
  • My app loads all well-known javascript libraries from CDN


  • My app has a cache-busting implemented (assets, object cache etc.)


  • Have a 404-page
  • Have a maintenance page
  • Images support HDPI screens (Retina, etc)


  • My app does not have memory leaks
  • My app is passing performance tests with high grades
  • My app is loading in less than 3 seconds


  • Minified JavaScript files contain URL for source maps
  • Thrown exceptions are handled and passed to storage (Sentry, Track.js, etc)
  • Error storage process sourcemaped files


  • My app gathers metrics about usage behaviour


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