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(ns leiningen.test.oneoff
(:use [leiningen.oneoff :only [execute-script]] :reload)
(:use [clojure.test]
[ :only [file delete-file]]))
(def output-file (file "test_projects/output"))
(defn- exec [filename & args]
(delete-file output-file true)
(let [script-file (file "test_projects" filename)]
(apply execute-script (.getCanonicalPath script-file) args)))
(deftest test-execute-script
(exec "sample1.clj" "bake" "honk!")
(let [output (slurp output-file)]
(is (re-find #"1\.3\.0-alpha5" output))
(is (re-find #"arguments: \[\"bake\" \"honk!\"\]" output)))
(exec "sample2.clj")
(let [output (slurp output-file)]
(is (re-find #"1\.2\.1" output))
(is (re-find #"arguments: nil" output)))
(delete-file output-file))
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