Broadcasting Demos

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This wiki page lists & explains all WebRTC broadcasting experiments and their usages & customizations.

Scalable Broadcast

Source code:

This peer-to-peer solution allows you share your files with unlimited users in oneway direction. No users limit. No bandwidth or CPU issues. Highly scalable and reliable solution. Only moderator or broadcast-initiator can share files. This solution works on any WebRTC (1.0) compatible browser.

Same solution also allows you broadcast your video or audio or screen over unlimited users. Broadcast of "streams" may bring some quality and delay issues however it seems working fine in both Chrome and Firefox.

This solution is using nodejs and to bring reliability in the peers detection & connections.

Broadcast video using RTCMultiConnection

The demo source:

This demo is using Firebase as signaling medium and RTCMultiConnection as a wrapper for WebRTC connections. It can broadcast video over about 14 users, at least.

Don't forget checking possible issues: WebRTC RTP Usage

Standalone Broadcasting Demo

The demo source:

This demo works similar like previous section, however it isn't using any external library e.g. RTCMultiConnection.

This demo allows you share/broadcast video/audio/screen over at least 14 users.

Screen Broadcast

Here are some oneway screen broadcasting demos:


All above demos are one-way broadcasting demos. Below demos are implementing one-to-many broadcasting pattern.

One-to-Many means each user can watch/talk with broadcaster however participants are NOT interconnected.

It is useful in teacher-to-students cases.

A few one-to-many style of broadcasting demos:

  1. Simple One-to-Many Video Broadcasting demo
  2. Simple One-to-Many Audio Broadcasting demo
  3. Another one-to-many video broadcast
  4. Another one-to-many audio broadcast

Complex Broadcasts

There is a demo that allows broadcasting screen in oneway direction, but audio in two-way.

There is another demo allows broadcasting multiple cameras. It is simple (not-complex) though:

One of the most complex and useful broadcasting demo is Multiple Broadcasters and Many Viewers:

Multiple Broadcasters and Many Viewers demo allows broadcasting multiple teachers' videos over all students. Students can merely watch/listen all teachers' broadcasts.

Chrome Extensions

Here is a chrome-extension that allows you broadcast screen over at least 14 users:

Here is a chrome-extension that allows you broadcast tabs over at least 14 users:

Here is a chrome extension that allows you broadcast/share files with at least 14-users. It is oneway style of file sharing:

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