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IPTC keyword editor


iptckwed is built using the commands:

$ make
# make install

Please note, that the latter one requires root privileges. By default, iptckwed is installed using the prefix "/usr/local", so the full path of the executable will be "/usr/local/bin/iptckwed".

You can install iptckwed into a directory of your choice by changing the second command to:

# make PREFIX="/your/dir" install


iptckwed [-chilq] [-aMmrXx KEYWORDS] [FILES]...


-a KEYWORDS     Add keywords to files
-c              Remove all keywords from files
-h              Print help screen and exit
-l              Print files and their keywords
-i              Read file names from stdin
-M/-m KEYWORDS  Print files which match all/any keyword(s)
-r KEYWORDS     Remove keywords from files
-q              Be quiet, disable warnings
-v              Print version information and exit
-X/-x KEYWORDS  Exclude files from printing which match all/any keyword(s)

KEYWORDS is a comma-separated list. Options can be combined in any form, except that only one of the -l/-M/-m options and one of the -X/-x options can be used. Options -a and -r can be used multiple times.