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@@ -62,94 +62,7 @@ the following command:
-sxiv has two modes of operation: image and thumbnail mode. The default is
-image mode, in which only the current image is shown. In thumbnail mode a grid
-of small previews is displayed, making it easy to choose an image to open.
-**Command line options:**
- -a Play animations of multi-frame images
- -b Do not show info bar on bottom of window
- -c Remove all orphaned cache files from thumbnail cache and exit
- -f Start in fullscreen mode
- -G GAMMA Set image gamma to GAMMA (-32..32)
- -g GEOMETRY Set window position and size
- (see section GEOMETRY SPECIFICATIONS of X(7))
- -i Read file list from stdin
- -N NAME Set X window resource name to NAME
- -n NUM Start at picture NUM
- -o Write list of marked files to stdout when quitting
- -q Be quiet, disable warnings
- -r Search given directories recursively for images
- -S DELAY Enable slideshow and set slideshow delay to DELAY seconds
- -s MODE Set scale mode to MODE ([d]own, [f]it, [w]idth, [h]eight)
- -t Start in thumbnail mode
- -v Print version information and exit
- -Z Same as `-z 100'
- -z ZOOM Set zoom level to ZOOM percent
-**Key mappings:**
- 0-9 Prefix the next command with a number (denoted via [count])
- q Quit sxiv
- Return Switch to thumbnail mode / open selected image
- f Toggle fullscreen mode
- b Toggle visibility of info bar on bottom of window
- Ctrl-x Send the next key to the external key-handler
- g Go to first image
- G Go to the last image, or image number [count]
- r Reload image
- D Remove image from file list and go to next image
- Ctrl-h,j,k,l Scroll one window width/height left/down/up/right
- + Zoom in
- - Zoom out
- m Mark/unmark current image
- M Reverse all image marks
- Ctrl-m Remove all image marks
- N Go [count] marked images forward
- P Go [count] marked images backward
- {,} Decrease/increase gamma correction by [count] steps
- Ctrl-g Reset gamma correction
-*Thumbnail mode:*
- h,j,k,l Move selection left/down/up/right [count] times (also with
- arrow keys)
- R Reload all thumbnails
-*Image mode:*
- n,Space Go [count] images forward
- p,Backspace Go [count] images backward
- [,] Go [count] * 10 images backward/forward
- Ctrl-n,p Go [count] frames of a multi-frame image forward/backward
- Ctrl-Space Play/stop animations of multi-frame images
- h,j,k,l Scroll image 1/5 of window width/height or [count] pixels
- left/down/up/right (also with arrow keys)
- H,J,K,L Scroll to left/bottom/top/right image edge
- = Set zoom level to 100%, or [count]%
- w Set zoom level to 100%, but fit large images into window
- W Fit image to window
- e Fit image to window width
- E Fit image to window height
- <,> Rotate image (counter-)clockwise by 90 degrees
- ? Rotate image by 180 degrees
- |,_ Flip image horizontally/vertically
- a Toggle anti-aliasing
- A Toggle visibility of alpha-channel, i.e. transparency
- s Toggle slideshow or set delay to [count] seconds
-**Mouse button mappings:**
-*Image mode:*
- Button1 Go to the next image
- Button3 Go to the previous image
- Button2 Drag image with mouse while keeping it pressed
- Wheel Scroll image up/down
- Shift+Wheel Scroll image left/right
- Ctrl+Wheel Zoom in/out
+Please see the [man page]( for information on how to use sxiv.
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