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Finer control #64

kaihendry opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Sometimes when i am moving between lots of images and hold down space, the events queue up and then when i lift the space bar it carries on for a few images. any suggestions to get this a bit finer?


I've seen this behaviour with big images and/or on slow computers. The quickest work-around would be to make sxiv to listen on key-release events instead of key-press events. But this would only render this issue impossible to come up while greatly reducing the usability, because all key-repeats would get ignored.
I haven't come up with a proper approach to resolve this issue. And I have to admit that it is not a high priority for me.


Couldn't just let this go. Does commit fd519ff fix this for you?


Fantasic, indeed it works far better compared to sxiv 1.0!

@kaihendry kaihendry closed this
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