Cross Place Picker for Xamarin iOS, Android and Forms applications
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Cross Place Picker for Xamarin Android and iOS

Simple cross platform plugin to pick place using google maps with the help of Cross Platform API.



Platform Support

Platform Supported Version
Xamarin.iOS Yes iOS 7+
Xamarin.Android Yes API 15+

API Usage

Call CrossPlacePicker.Current from any project or PCL to gain access to APIs.


Calling PlacePicker Without Bounds

              var result = await CrossPlacePicker.Current.Display();
              if (result != null)
                  await DisplayAlert(result.Name, "Latitude: " + result.Coordinates.Latitude + "\nLongitude: " + result.Coordinates.Longitude, "OK");
          catch (Exception ex)
              await DisplayAlert("Error", ex.ToString(), "Oops");

With Bounds

          var southWest = new Coordinates(85, -180);
          var northEast = new Coordinates(-85, 180);
          var CoordinateBounds = new CoordinateBounds(southWest, northEast);
          var result = await CrossPlacePicker.Current.Display(CoordinateBounds);
      catch (Exception ex)
          await DisplayAlert("Error", ex.ToString(), "Oops");

Important Permission and Setup Information

Please read these as they must be implemented for all platforms.


The ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission is required.

  • In your AndroidManifest.xml file, add your API key in a meta-data tag (ensure you are within the <application> tag as follows:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" />


You must request permission to use location services. First add one or both of the following keys to your Info.plist file, to request 'when in use' or 'always' authorization: NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription For the place picker, it's enough to request 'when in use' authorization, but you may want to request 'always' authorization for other functionality in your app. For each key, add a string informing the user why you need the location services. For example: Such as:

<string>Show your location on the map</string>

If you want the dialogs to be translated you must support the specific languages in your app. Read the iOS Localization Guide

  • In your AppDelegate.cs file, import the Google Places library by adding using Google.Maps; on top of the file.
  • Within the FinishedLaunching method, instantiate the library as follows:
var apikey = "YOUR-API-KEY-HERE";


Incase if the place picker is not launching or automatically being hidden, please make sure that you have generated API key from Google Developer Console. If you are facing any other problem, please open an issue with Application Output. Google Signup and API Keys