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#pragma once
#include "uv.h"
#include "Common.h"
#include "Data/Array.h"
namespace magpie
// suspend stuff:
class ChannelObject;
class BufferObject;
class Fiber;
class FileObject;
class FunctionObject;
class Module;
class Object;
// Wraps a Fiber that is waiting for an asynchronous event to complete. This
// is a manually memory managed doubly linked list.
class Task
friend class TaskList;
virtual ~Task() {}
gc<Fiber> fiber() { return fiber_; }
// Gets the main libuv loop this task will run on.
uv_loop_t* loop();
virtual void kill() = 0;
// Completes the task. Removes it from the list of pending tasks and runs
// the fiber (and any other fibers that are able to be run).
// This object will be freed at the end of this call. You cannot use it
// after this returns!
void complete(gc<Object> returnValue);
virtual void reach();
// Creates a new task. Note that instantiating a task implicitly adds it
// to the scheduler's task list.
Task(gc<Fiber> fiber);
gc<Fiber> fiber_;
Task* prev_;
Task* next_;
// A task using a uv_handle_t.
class HandleTask : public Task
HandleTask(gc<Fiber> fiber, uv_handle_t* handle);
virtual void kill();
uv_handle_t* handle_;
// A list of pending asynchronous tasks.
class TaskList
: head_(NULL),
void add(Task* task);
// Removes [waiting] from this list. Does not free it.
void remove(Task* task);
// Cancel all waiting fibers so that the event loop can exit.
void killAll();
// Reach all of the waiting fibers so they don't get collected.
void reach();
Task* head_;
Task* tail_;
// The Fiber scheduler.
class Scheduler
friend class Task;
Scheduler(VM& vm);
uv_loop_t* loop() { return loop_; }
uv_tty_t* tty() { return &tty_; }
void run(Array<Module*> modules);
// TODO(bob): Get this working with libuv!
gc<Object> runModule(Module* module);
// Resumes fiber and continues to run resumable fibers until either the
// main fiber has ended or all fibers are waiting for events.
gc<Object> run(gc<Fiber> fiber);
// Spawns a new Fiber to run the given procedure but does not immediately
// start it.
void spawn(gc<FunctionObject> function);
// Spawns a new Fiber to run the given procedure and immediately runs it.
// This should only be called from libuv callbacks and not from code already
// within the main scheduler run loop to prevent re-entrancy.
void run(gc<FunctionObject> function);
void add(gc<Fiber> fiber);
void sleep(gc<Fiber> fiber, int ms);
void reach();
void add(Task* task);
void waitForOSEvents();
gc<Fiber> getNext();
VM& vm_;
uv_loop_t *loop_;
uv_tty_t tty_;
// Fibers that are not blocked and can run now.
Array<gc<Fiber> > ready_;
// Fibers that are waiting on an OS event to complete.
TaskList tasks_;
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