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Git integration

The generator provides a default set of configuration for git:

Leaving them as they are generated, you will allow git to exclude all of the 3rd party code from your project. Specifically this means:

  • no bower components
  • no node modules
  • no Cordova platforms and plugins

After git clone

Since all these files are excluded from git, you need to install all of them when you start with a fresh clone of your project. In order to do so, run the following commands in that order:

npm install # installs all node modules from the package.json
yarn # alternatively
bower install # install all bower components from the bower.json
gulp --cordova "prepare" # install all Cordova platforms and plugins from the config.xml

Platforms and plugins in config.xml

Since cordova 5.0 all platforms and plugins you install can be added to the config.xml.

Release notes:

Added the ability to manage your plugin and platform dependencies in your project’s config.xml. When adding plugins or platforms, use the --save flag to add them to config.xml. Ex: cordova platform add android --save. Existing projects can use cordova plugin save and cordova platform save commands to save all previously installed plugins and platforms into your project’s config.xml. Platforms and plugins will be autorestored when cordova prepare is run. This allows developers to easily manage and share their dependenceis among different development enviroments and with their coworkers.

Since your projects .gitignore will completely ignore the platforms/ and plugins/ folders, it's important to make sure your config.xml contains all the plugins and platforms required by your project. As explained above this can either be achieved by always using the --save options when adding/removing platforms:

gulp --cordova "platform add ios --save"
gulp --cordova "plugin remove cordova-plugin-camera --save"

or by typing the following commands before you commit:

gulp --cordova "platform save"
gulp --cordova "plugin save"