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package sparta
import (
type profileLambdaDecorator func(stackName string, info *LambdaAWSInfo, S3Bucket string, logger *logrus.Logger) error
var profileDecorator profileLambdaDecorator
const (
cpuProfileName = "cpu"
// Name of the stack, published as env var
envVarStackName = "SPARTA_STACK_NAME"
// Stack instance id, published as env var
// Bucket to use to store profile snapshots, published as env var
envVarProfileBucketName = "SPARTA_PROFILE_BUCKET_NAME"
var profileTypes = []string{
func profileSnapshotRootKeypath(stackName string) string {
return path.Join("sparta", "pprof", stackName, "profiles")
func profileSnapshotRootKeypathForType(profileType string, stackName string) string {
return path.Join(profileSnapshotRootKeypath(stackName), profileType)
func cacheDirectoryForProfileType(profileType string, stackName string) string {
return filepath.Join(ScratchDirectory, "profiles", stackName, profileType)
func cachedAggregatedProfilePath(profileType string) string {
return filepath.Join(ScratchDirectory, fmt.Sprintf("%s.consolidated.profile", profileType))