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Django mode and snippets for Emacs
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Django mode for Emacs

How to install

  1. Install yasnippet
  2. Add something like this to your Emacs config:
(require 'django-html-mode)
(require 'django-mode)
(yas/load-directory "path-to/django-mode/snippets")
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.djhtml$" . django-html-mode))


Move your cursor to a line that contains the thing you want to go and press C-x j. Django-mode supports jumping to:

  • templates, eg. render_to_response('some.html') will open some.html. (it supports @render_to from annoying, classic render_to_response and the new 1.3 TemplateResponse)
  • views (from, and must be in the same directory (no global for all apps, it's a bad practice after all!)
  • models, from Model.objects.* or Model(*), no support for get_object_or_404(Model* yet

Inserting translation marks

Select a string you want to translate and press C-t. This works in both Python and templates.

Running management commands

Check out the Django menu :) BTW, default keybindings:

  • C-c m asks for a command to run (with completion of all available commands and ido completion)
  • C-c t runs tests
  • C-c s runs syncdb
  • C-c a creates an app (asking for a name first)

Running a make target

With M-x django-make (C-c M in django-mode), you get a helm menu to choose a Makefile target. It will run from the project root (we use helm-make).

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