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Bin Alerts - how to get it running
It's a normal Django application. You can find the heart of things in
It's using South, so you need to run both syncdb and migrate to set up the
./ syncdb
./ migrate
Please use South for future binalerts migrations too.
You can load collection time data in with one of these, a small sample used by
the test code:
./ loadpdf garden_sample_pdf.xml
... or a large full file: (this is Garden Waste, but includes postcodes)
./ loadpdf garden-and-kitchen-waste-collection-streets.xml
...then load the Domestic waste (lacks postcodes):
./ loadcvs refuse_rounds_road_day.csv
For me only the binalerts app tests work (not the Django core ones). So I run
tests like this:
./ test binalerts
It's being made with test driven development. So please add tests first, or if
you really can't discipline yourself, add them afterwards :)