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>> Download the Natural Grounding Player here

Natural Grounding Player

Provides the ultimate media playback experience by sequencing videos based on their energy readings. It contains the best catalog of videos, the best YouTube downloader and the best media encoder you can find.

The primary goal of this application is to automate Natural Grounding sessions by downloading and playing videos in the right sequence to gradually increase the intensity and bring you into higher states of consciousness. It is a spiritual awakening tool.

Read more in the Wiki.

To learn more about Natural Grounding, you can read the 2011 Natural Grounding Guide or get access to various resources here.

Or just take a look at what various people wrote about Natural Grounding in various blogs here and there (years before this software existed, doing sessions manually).

Natural Grounding is a very deep topic. I'm currently writing two books to properly explain what it truly is that will be published on Amazon.

Join the Natural Grounding community on Facebook here.


Natural Grounding Player

432hz Player

Yin Media Encoder

Best Video Catalog

The Natural Grounding Player contains the best database of videos with high energies. 655 videos have energy readings, 375 of which are available on YouTube. Eventually, this will evolve into an online platform where everybody can share and add resources.

Best Video Downloader

Did you know that neither YTD Video Downloader nor give you the optimal audios and videos from YouTube? These tools give you an 128kb AAC audio, while there are better audios available: 128kb Vorbis, 160kb Opus and 256kb ACC. Similarly, while these tools give you an MP4 file, YouTube also provides videos in WebM format which is "sometimes" of higher quality than MP4. The Natural Grounding Player will download the best audio available and the best video available.

While WebM compresses data better than MP4, some of the YouTube videos are 40-60% smaller in WebM format than MP4 which leads to lower quality. It will download WebM only if it is no more than 35% smaller than MP4, and get the 256kb ACC audio if available. Since WebM format needs Vorbis or Opus audio, it combines with the best audio (AAC) into a MKV file while allows mixing any audio and video formats (but may lower compatibility).

Additionally, there is a Playlist Downloader that allows downloading many videos at once, or if some URL changed, allows detecting whether any of your videos have higher versions available on YouTube. Since YouTube lowered their video quality, if you had previously downloaded a video that has higher quality than what YouTube now offers, yet a better quality audio is available (256kb AAC), the tool will allow you to download the audio and combine it with your local video (be careful, it can break your video if the local and remote videos aren't exactly the same). You can download and upgrade dozens of videos with a single click!

Best Media Encoder

The media encoder is one piece of the software that will be very useful for anyone looking to increase the quality of their videos. It allows upscaling and re-encoding videos from SD to HD. It allows to convert your videos to 60fps with just a few clicks. Under the hood, it uses a combination of AviSynth, ffmpeg and x264. With this Media Encoder, anyone can easily re-encode 50 videos in a row. The video will be optimized and you will preserve the original audio.

Here's a sample video before and after.

How to Convert Videos to 60fps

How to Rip and Optimize VCDs

How to Rip and Optimize DVDs

Best Playback Quality

SVP and madVR allow you to greatly enhance your video playback quality, if your computer can handle it. SVP will run on any good CPU and increase the frame rate to 60fps, while madVR will take the most out of your graphic card to resize videos with better algorithms. These components are very powerful but difficult to configure. The SVP Setup Wizard will make it easy and simple. Furthermore, the Natural Grounding Player will enable and disable these components automatically. If one video doesn't play well with SVP, you can configure the player to disable SVP only for that video.


(Optional) Install SVP from here and select to install madVR during setup.

(Optional) Install a Codec Pack

>> Download the Natural Grounding Player here

Release Notes


The Natural Grounding Player is an Open Source project distributed under the BSD license


The Natural Grounding Player is built with .NET, C#, WPF and SQLite. If you're interested in contributing to the project, view the Roadmap page and contact me to get you started.

About the author

Etienne Charland helps you get the life that you want to enjoy closer connected relationships, increase your income, and finally feel confident with the direction that you are going with your life. Etienne Charland helps you maximize your full potential on all aspects of your life.

Visit the author's website at Spiritual Self Transformation

I do not take donations. If you want to contribute financially, you can purchase any of my products and services. Purchasing any premium resources such as Powerliminal Meditations within the player within the "Buy Resources" tab also help fund the project. The "Buy Resources" tab also allows you to purchase VCDs and DVDs that aren't available on YouTube... IF they are available for purchase!

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