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Hamper is an IRC bot to amuse us.

Quick Start

$ git clone
$ cd hamper
$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ python install
$ cp hamper.conf.dist hamper.conf
$ vim hamper.conf
$ ./scripts/hamper


Make a file named hamper.conf. This should be a YAML file containing these fields:

  • nickname
  • channels
  • server
  • port
  • db - A database URL as described here

For an example check out hamper.conf.dist.

Plugin Development

Read hamper/plugins/ Add a file to hamper/plugins, and write plugins in it. Don't forget to create an instance of each one at the bottom.

Using Docker

This already assumes you've got docker configured and installed on your system.

To begin, start by copying the hamper.conf.dist into hamper.conf and adjusting settings as necessary. Then all you need to do is run docker build -t <yourname>/hamper . and you that will build a new Docker image to be used.

To use this container run docker run -t -i <yourname>/hamper, this will startup hamper in the container.

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