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# telegram-middleman-bot


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__I'm the [@MiddleMan]( bot! I sit in the middle between whatever you want to send yourself as a message and your Telegram.__

I translate simple JSON HTTP requests into Telegram push messages that you will get on your Smartphone, PC or whatever Telegram client you have.

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## What's new (2018-02-05) ?
* Reacting to non-`200` status codes from Telegram API
* Message rate limitation per recipient (`--rateLimit` parameter). On my hosted instance, this is **set to 10 req / hour / recipient** from now on.
@@ -51,4 +52,4 @@ Alternatively, you can also use a __reverse proxy__ like _nginx_ or [_Caddy_](ht
## License
MIT @ [Ferdinand Mütsch](
MIT @ [Ferdinand Mütsch](

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