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1.2.4 - Mar 03 2021
* improve config check when having lots of servicegroups
* migrate ci tests to github actions
* change header file location in deb/rpm packages
* fix check_command in svc neb broker call
1.2.3 - Dec 07 2020
* fix package update on debian / ubuntu
1.2.2 - Nov 13 2020
* none
* improved sample configuration
* improved external command help
* debian package source format changed
* debian packages changed to systemd
* fix scheduling flexible service downtime
* fix setting last_update whenever next_check changes
* fix worker crashing
1.2.1 - Jul 13 2020
* nothing
* fix executing commands with pipes (#319)
* fix external command to remove downtimes by filter
1.2.0 - Feb 17 2020
* Add new skip check options to set a particular state on skipped checks
* Retain flap detection option over restarts
* Don't process perfdata file if perfdata is disabled
1.1.0 - Sep 02 2019
* add internal last_update timestamp to track host/service changes
* speed up configuration check when using lots of dependencies
* increased CURRENT_NEB_API_VERSION, this means you have to recompile your NEB modules
* bail out config check if parent host cannot be resolved
* bail out config check if group members cannot be resolved (#300)
* fix calculating group on demand macros
* fix last_hard_state when using neb modules (#287)
* fix loading neb modules multiple times
1.0.10 - Mar 12 2019
* nothing
* fix newline handling in spoolfile results
1.0.9 - Dec 18 2018
* Add host_down_disable_service_checks config option
* Add retained_scheduling_randomize_window setting
* No on-demand host checks when service is in hard critical
* Log successful save of retention data
* Init: Increase time till SIGKILL is sent
* Make naemon-core depend on libnaemon
* Add conflicts/replaces tags for naemon-tools
* parse_check: Don't escape already escaped newlines
* Reload: Fix defuct for debian/ubuntu packaging (#150)
* Retain next_check schedule on restart (#156, 224)
* el6: use correct logrotate script
* fix pending dependencies
* fix orphaned checks logic
* reset is_executing flag when processing active host check result (#154)
* set CHECK_OPTION_ORPHAN_CHECK flag if check is scheduled from the orphan event handler
* fix memory leak when overriding checks
* fix query handler not returning command response
* Fix heap corruption when callback dereigsters itself
1.0.8 - Jul 16 2018
* source defaults file if exists (#241)
* _nothing_
* Fix naemon-tools conflict (#242)
* Fix reload command on el6 (#239)
1.0.7 - Jun 01 2018
* Allow circular dependencies in Naemons host graph (experimental)
* Do not verify config when starting daemon
* first_notification_delay starts on last hard change instead of last ok
* Fix various memory leaks (#200, #189)
* Fix newline escaping for check results (#153)
* Fix segfault when there is no eventbroker
* Fix segfault on invalid host_notification_commands (#213)
* Fix external command CHANGE_SVC_MODATTR (#174)
* Fix compilation with GCC 7 & 8 (#184, #228, #229)
* Fix notification is sent even if a service is in a schedule flexible downtime
* Fix triggered scheduled downtime is removed
* Fix downtime comment ids increment on reload
* Output an error exit code if daemonization fails instead OK
* Restart Naemon on SIGHUP instead of killing (#192)
* Fix Naemon killing wrong processes if PID wrap-around is too short (#211)
* Reload: fix defunct processes after reload (#150)
* Fix quoting in systemd startpre command (#204)
* Make systemd startup cleaner
* Fix logrotate on EL7
* Do not use errno set by function calls in a library
* Documentation fix for Sticky Acknowledgments
* Make nm_g_log_handler_id extern. Fixes issue when including logging.h in external modules
* shadownaemon
* distributed-monitoring from the contrib/eventhandlers folder
* Decouple core, livestatus and thruk
* Add more timing points
* Undeprecate check_result_path
* Remove NICE from systemd
* Format service timeout print to use the same format as host timeouts (#168)
* Lower wproc log level to debug_info
* Do not log timeouts 3 times for every timeout
* Add log message that explains why a service changes directly hard down state when the host is down
* make buildopts.h depend on Makefile
* version: append date to daily git builds
1.0.6 - Jan 23 2017
* Fix CVE-2016-9566 by removing drop_privileges. Note: naemon cannot be started as root anymore.
* Fix shell command parsing for some special cases when defining environment variables in a command
* Fix custom variables persistence accros restarts for single byte values
* Fix writing to already rotated logfile
* Fix memory leak in broker_notification_data
* Fix notification commands beeing reaped to early (#137)
1.0.5 - Jun 21 2016
* Fix segfault when trying to log to null pointer (#140)
* Fix naemon exiting on USR1 signal (#138, #139)
1.0.4 - Jun 03 2016
* Downtimes can now be scheduled to start before their time of their scheduling
* Naemon can now start without any configured objects
* Add new NEB callback API version with better support for communicating cancellation and override reasons
* Naemon now consistently logs when a notification is suppressed, along with
the reason why (very useful for troubleshooting notification issues!). This
feature is enabled by default, and can be overridden by setting
enable_notification_suppression_reason_logging=0 in naemon.cfg.
* Scheduling logic completely overhauled to not depend on wallclock time,
which makes it much more reliable (no more lost or orphaned events!)
* It is now possible to disable status data updates completely
* GLib messages are now logged to the regular outputs.
* Fix segfault which would happen when a plugin's output is one or more
newlines only
* Shadownaemon: fix segfault if plugin output contains csv separator
* Fix an ancient bug where reconstructing a downtime from retention data
would result in double downtime alerts being emitted
* Fix another ancient race condition where a rapidly reload and starting
naemon would leave you with two instances running
* Stop logging if check_result_path (deprecated) is not available even
if it's set
* Strings in retention data are now properly escaped, fixing various bugs
* Various init script fixes
* Fix a race condition that would sometimes lead to complete deadlock
* Fix a bug where Naemon would allow duplicate objects to be created
* Replace in-tree (ha-ha) rbtree with GLib's GTree, to get rid of incorrect
node removal behaviour in the former
* Fix a race condition that would sometimes occur during a reload
* Fix a bug in signal handling code which would sometimes cause the command
file worker to become defunct
* Fix a bug where the specified retry_interval of a service or host
would not be properly respected, and the check_interval would be used instead
* Fix a potential crash (segfault) when freeing parent/child references
* Fix a bug where "stale" objects would only have one freshness check executed
* Fix improper handling of CHECK_OPTION_FORCE_EXECUTION, which would lead to
checks not being run, despite being forcibly scheduled
* Fix a bug where Naemon wouldn't properly initialize its lock file, but
start regardless
* Grafted Nagios git history onto Naemon's for easier code archeology
* Lots of code cleanup, typo fixes, new test cases, new assertions &
error handling, fixed memory leaks, logging and refactoring
* Removed an undocumented, experimental, untested "load control" feature
* Decoupled Thruk packages, we now use the official upstream Thruk packages
1.0.3 - Mar 29 2015
* shadownaemon: fix request counter
1.0.2 - Mar 28 2015
* shadownaemon: remove external commands from shadownaemon (#104)
* shadownaemon: propagate last_hard_* values (Michael Kraus)
1.0 - Feb 13 2015
* Fix shadownaemon comment and downtime syncronization
* Fix spelling errors
0.9 - Jan 08 2015
* livestatus module name change to, path changed to libdir/naemon/naemon-livestatus/
* External commands are now validated
* Query handler supports commands now
* Added shadownaemon tool to locally shadow a remote core via livestatus
* Naemon now starts after reboot on Debian
0.8 - Feb 13 2014
* Based on nagios 4.0.2
* Rename a lot of things, replace build system, etc.
* The CGIs are gone - use Thruk instead.
* Remove the upstream version check - use your package manager instead.
* New NEB callback, NEBATTR_CHECK_ALERT, when a check generates an alert.
* Allow contactgroups without members but having contactgroup_members.
* No longer spam Naemon log when checks time out.
* All positive values for ACKNOWLEDGE_{HOST,CHECK} means TRUE.
* Check output parsing rewritten.
- Fixes crashes, bugs, and improves performance.
* Log rotation is done by logrotate instead of in-core log rotation.
* Fix misc crashes, speed up misc areas, and other bug fixes.