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This file documents the major additions and syntax changes between releases.
2.2.1 2017-04-19
check_users: not accepting zero as the threshold
check_http: reports warning where it should report ok with -e
check_snmp: does not work with -6 --ipv6 flags
check_swap: threshold calculation in bytes requires subtracting 65
check_uptime: fixed backward help text for thresholds
check_http: Don’t prematurely report success when checking HTTP TLS cert validity
check_http: fix parsing the last header
check_mailq: Fix for Postfix and better Sudo Checking Fix spelling error
check_ntp_peer: requires newline when there is a socket timeout (fix in netutils.c)
check_users: segmentation fault if both thresholds are not provided
check_dns: DNS CRITICAL - expected ‘{hostname}.’ but got 'name = {hostname}.'
check_mailq: Nullmailer Regex is not working for Ubuntu 16.04
check_swap: Downstream Fedora patch: Prevent check_swap from returning OK, if no swap activated
Building RPMs on Amazon Linux - Add 'install-root' on line 165 of spec file
2.2.0 2017-01-19
check_flexlm: if `-F <license file>` is not specified, will use `LM_LICENSE_FILE` environment var
check_load: Added per cpu load average message
check_smtp: add -L flag to support LMTP (LHLO instead of HELO/EHLO)
check_http: -e breaks -f
check_mrtg: Add state to status output
check_ping: ping runs 30 times when host is down
check_icmp: does not have the -p argument in the help
check_dns: Segfaulting with timeout > 26 sec
check_disk: missing -lrt on Solaris
check_http: segmentation fault
check_http: help text update for virtual hosts
check_snmp: Thresholds were being shown twice
check_hpjd: some jd 610 cards have a false flag that printer is offline
check_http: Handle reference redirect like //
check_disk: alerts issued too soon
fix: Allocator sizeof operand mismatch
fix: Dead assignment
Shellcheck: fix most of the shellcheck warnings.
check_ntp: touch ntp servers at most once every seconds
check_dns: authoritative test (-A) is broken
check_dns: reports TXT records incorrectly
check_file_age: does not handle filenames WITHOUT space!
de,fr.po: fix syntax errors end-of-line within string
lib/parse_ini.c: fix gcc warning: implicit declaration of function ‘idpriv_temp_drop’ and ‘idpriv_temp_restore’
add openssl 1.1 support
2.1.4 2016-11-17
check_http: Don't include default Accept header if one is provided
check_disk: added "fuse.gvfsd-fuse" to list of fs types to ignore
check_http: Fixed non-text chunked-encoded decoding
check_http: segmentation fault (FreeBSD)
check_dns: Update IF_RECORD to not erase query_found
check_http: SSL Certificate check returns 12:00:00AM <local timezone>
check_http: -u is misleading. Changed help text
check_file_age: does not handle filenames with space
check_snmp: units label option outputs the label in the incorrect location
plugins-root/check_dhcp.c: fix a potential segfault
check_users: not correctly detecting thresholds
2.1.3 2016-09-12
SNI support in check_tcp (ddbilik) add support for -k for kerberos authentication
check_file_age.c: allow wildcard matching
check_tcp.c: tools/build_perl_modules hardcodes the perl used
check_game.c: reports ping as number of players (Jason Rivers)
fix some gcc5 warnings (Mario Trangoni)
check_cluster.c: Update wording in comments (Troy Lea)
check_nagios.c: could not locate a running nagios process
check_swap.c: does not accept threshold of zero
check_swap.c: uses inconsistent checks on negative thresholds
check_snmp.c: --offset does not appear to do anything (Troy Lea)
sslutils.c: output has first line of "SSL Version: xxxxxx"
effects anything using sslutils including check_http, check_dhcp
and others
utils_cmd.c: when using ssh (or check-by-ssh) with ControlMaster/ControlPersist,
nagios times out the first time and one gets zombie processes (Gordon Messmer)
2.1.2 2016-08-01
check_snmp's performance data now also includes warning/critical
New check_snmp "-N" option to specify SNMPv3 context name
New check_nt "-l" parameters: seconds|minutes|hours|days
New check_mailq -s option which tells the plugin to use sudo(8)
New -W/-C option for check_ldap to check number of entries (Gerhard Lausser)
The check_http -S/--ssl option now accepts the arguments "1.1" and "1.2"
to force TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 connections, respectively
The check_http -S/--ssl option now allows for specifying the desired
protocol with a "+" suffix to also accept newer versions
New check_disk "-v" option to show troubled partition in verbose mode Added a parameter -w (--max_warning) defining upper value to return a warning code
check_ldap: Add support for LDAP URIs.
check_file_age: Provide performance data
check_by_ssh: added --hostname support Add check_ifstatus option to ignore interfaces by name
check_snmp: Introduce support for SNMPv3 context using "-N" option
check_snmp.c: Added IPv6 support
check_http: Added support for checking SSL-Websites through Proxies
check_dig can now also use "drill" instead of "dig"
check_dig honor the -4 and -6 switches
check_ntp_peer: do not use uninitialized results for max state,, Setting PATH at first droping path from basename while evaluating PROGNAME
check_tcp: Fix check_jabber to work with Openfire servers Fix "-n" and "-u" options to ignore if either is set, not just both
check_mrtgtraf: Fix perfdata to comply with perfdata UOM definition
check_real, check_ntp: fix null termination
check_apt: fix memset
check_ssh: change warning to critical for protocal/version errors
utils_cmd.c: avoid a segfault, if ulimit is set to unlimited
utils_cmd.c: make constants from maxfd values Added particular ps command for HP-UX
check_disk: Fix pthread start routine type
check_http: Make header_value() and chunked-encoding decoding more robust
check_http: fix Host header if explicitly set with -k
sslutils.c: Forcing furter restriction of ciphers for current security concerns
check_nagios, check_procs: Enable check_proc to monitor processes in PID name-spaced environments.
check_dhcp.c: use /dev/urandom if available
check_http.c: Don't decode page if it's not there
check_disk.c: Prevent large tide values from truncation
pst3.c: Fix for unclosed filehandle in pst3 on Solaris
check_snmp: Timeticks are not being parsed correctly before performance data
multiple *.h files: standardized header include fences
multiple plugins/*.c files: fix unsafe signal handling
sslutils.c: Fix compilation with GnuTLS which doesn't provide SSL_CTX_check_private_key() fixed mailer names
check_swap.c: Improving output when swap space has zero size
check_icmp.c: Use kernel reception time on ICMP packets to compute rtt.
check_icmp.c: make use of MSG_CONFIRM optional
check_ldap.c: add counting of entries to check_ldap
utils.c: add sperfdata() function which can handle threshold ranges
sslutils.c: Check if OpenSSL supports SSLv3.
check_dhcp.c: Fixes segfaults when running via monitoring worker (off-by-one)
check_fping.c: autodetect ipv6 addresses
sslutils.c: optimize output if certificate expires in less then 24h
check_smtp.c: Let "-D" option imply "-S". Also QUIT SMTP connection when "-D" is used
check_smtp.c: modified SSL check for use with -e
check_tcp.c: Validate sent data size
check_dns.c: conditional assignment
check_dns.c: macro querytypes and auto cnames
utils_cmd.c, utils_base.c: Multiple resource leaks
check_http.c: Increase MAX_RE_SIZE from 256 to 2048
check_procs.c: Changed the ps command args from axwo to axwwo allowing for longer output
check_http.c: Allow a server to reply using only 'HTTP/1.x 200 OK' and a
body, with no headers
check_nt.c: check_nt does not correctly report a DNS entry it cannot resolve
check_dhcp.c: check_dhcp broken on BSD
check_procs.t: Add delay after forking in test to avoid race condition Use "C" locale when running test suite
check_http.t: Adjust date strings to the now-localized output
check_dns.t - Fix Perl Warning. perl doesn't understand /d within "".
check_snmp.t: skip extented snmp tests if snmpd has no perl support
check_snmp.t: fix snmp test for included threshold
check_http.t: fix tests for certificates expire date with seconds
check_http.t: add faketime based tests for check_http
2.1.0 30th July 2015
ssl_utils.c - Disable SSLv3 & SSLv2 autonegotiation by default to limit poodle and other weak cipher attacks (sreinhardt)
Timeout States Implemented - Plugins that support a timeout state will now also support specifying the exit state in case of timeout with the syntax -t <timeout>:<state> (abrist)
Perl plugins now use FindBin for path discovery, obsoleting the nasty AWK script (evgeni, abrist)
check_http.c - Added support for chunked transfer-encoding (koenwtje, dermoth, sreinhardt)
check_radius.c - Added support for the FreeRADIUS Client library (weiss)
check_snmp.c - Added thresholds to performance data (seemuellera)
check_snmp.c - Added new option (-N) for SNMPv3 context (Johannes Engel)
check_snmp.c - Added IPv6 support (abrist)
check_ldap.c - Added a new option (-U) for LDAP URI support (qris) - Added new option (-n) to exclude interfaces (peelman, weiss) - Performance data output added (hggh) - Now supports sudo (Christopher Schultz, weiss) - Added a new option (-w) defining upper value to return a warning code (arvanus)
check_by_ssh.c - Added --hostname support (sni)
check_dbi.c - Spelling corrections (sreinhardt)
check_dig.c - Fixed to work with dig/drill tools and ip version switch is now respected (abgandar)
check_disk.c - Fix for hanging filesystems (Gerhard Lausser)
check_disk.c - Partitions in problem state now reported in verbose mode (waja)
check_disk.c - Prevent large tide values from truncation (JesperForsberg)
check_dns.c - Server specific fixes and other cleanup (sreinhardt)
check_http.c - Some small changes for readability (koenwtje)
check_mrtgtraf.c - Added verbose output (sreinhardt)
check_mrtgtraf.c - Perfdata now complies with UOM definition (Bobzikwick)
check_ntp_peer.c - No longer uses uninitialized results for max state (sni)
check_procs.c - Rare race condition fixed (Mikael Falkvidd)
check_ssh.c - Now exits with CRITICAL when version/protocol string check fails to match (sni)
check_tcp.c - Help description of escape characters now correct (Sebastian Herbszt)
check_tcp.c - Fix to support Openfire servers with check_jabber (weiss)
check_ups.c - Spelling corrections (sreinhardt)
pst3.c - Fix for unclosed file handle in pst3 on Solaris (jwinkle01)
plugins-scripts/*.sh - Trusted path fixes (waja)
netutils.h - Decreased max path to 104 bytes to compensate for BSD paths (sreinhardt) - Fix for HP-UX ps command (Tontonitch)
lib/utils_cmd.c - Fix for potential segfault when ulimits are set to unlimited (nafets)
lib/parse_ini.c - Many small fixes from coverity scans and the community (sreinhardt, weiss)
lib/util_base.c - Code cleanup (sreinhardt)
lib/utils_base.c - Add EIUD to state retention path for multi-user permissions support (sreinhardt)
po/* - Spelling corrections (sreinhardt)
Multiple resource leaks fixed (sreinhardt)
Many other small fixes and cleanup caught by coverity (multiple contributors)
Many small fixes to tests (multiple contributors)
Many small fixes for locales and localizations (multiple contributors)
2.0.3 26th June 2014
parse_ini.c - Additional fixes for the SUID plugins vulnerabilities (sreinhardt)
Added Gnulib module idpriv-droptemp (weiss)
check_dns.c - Resolved issues with reverse lookup (sreinhardt)
check_dns.c - Changed query types from ALL to ANY (sreinhardt)
common.h - Include fixes for esoteric AIX compile issues (emislivec)
negate.c - Small fixes from coverity (66479) (66480) (sreinhardt)
check_dhcp.c - Small fix from coverity (66488) (sreinhardt)
check_http.c - Potential memory leak and overflow fixed from coverity (66514) (sreinhardt)
check_ntp.c - Small fix from coverity (66524) (sreinhardt)
utils_cmd.c - Small file descriptor fix from coverity (66502) (sreinhardt)
check_apt.c - Small fix for from coverity (66531) (sreinhardt)
check_mailq - Reverted autodetection commits to avoid awk parsing issues. Autodetection will return in version 2.1.0 as part of the changes in the FindBin branch (abrist)
2.0.2 20th May 2014
Fixed file access vulnerability with SUID binaries (check_icmp, check_dhcp) and extra-opts. Fixes were applied globally, so the new resrictions on fopen should apply to all plugins. Special thanks to Dawid Golunski for the submission. More information: (sreinhardt) (emislivec)
check_disk - Now compiles in cygwin on windows (Gunnar Beutner)
check_ping - Now compiles in cygwin on windows (Gunnar Beutner)
check_users - Now compiles in cygwin on windows (Gunnar Beutner)
netutils.c - Connection error verbosity increased. C plugins will now differentiate file socket errors from connection errors (Davide Madrisan)
check_nt.c - Changed 'Mb' to 'MB' in MEMUSE output for clarity (abrist)
2.0.1 15th April 2014
check_snmp.c - Added thresholds to performance data (jccomputing)
check_http.c - Added */* MIME support (Alex Gottschalk) - Added autodetection for mailq implementation (evgeni) - Added autodetected version to output (evgeni)
check_dns.c - Record type corrections for default check (sreinhardt)
utils.c - Changed comment type - now supported by AIX and should no longer fail compile (hkpatv)
check_uptime.c - Fixed timeout option (abrist)
check_uptime.c - Fixed help output and updated verbose usage (abrist)
check_uptime.c - Removed executable permissions on check_uptime.c (abrist)
check_uptime.c - Removed old code (Davide Madrisan)
check_pgsql.c - Fixed help output (weiss)
lib/ - Avoid deprecated includes (Davide Madrisan)
lib/tests/ - Avoid deprecated includes (Davide Madrisan)
plugins/ - Avoid deprecated includes (Davide Madrisan)
check_apt.c - Removed the verbose flag suggestion (skottler)
check_oracle.c - Changed regex to compensate for tns string match edge cases (waja)
check_snmp.c - Always privides the security name when noAuthPriv is specified (catharsis)
2.0 4th March 2014
check_uptime - New plugin (only supports linux due to dependency on clock.gettime(). More supported platforms to follow.
check_mysql_query - Added performance data (sreinhardt)
check_file_age - New option -i/--ignore-missing which returns OK if file is missing (waja)
check_nt - Added performance data to UPTIME -l seconds|minutes|hours|days (abrist)
check_hpjd - New -p option for port specification (abrist)
check_disk - new -n option for multi-line output (tmcnag)
check_mysql_query - New -f/-g options for reading for mysql options file (awiddersheim)
check_mailq - New -M option for nullmailer support in the mailserver (Luca Corti)
check_dig - New -r option for specifying number of retries (abrist)
check_ntp_peer - Added state output for each checked metric (abrist)
check_dns - Warning and critical thresholds added to perfdata (jccomputing) (abrist)
check_dns - New -q options for several query types (AAAA,TXT,SRV,MX) (sreinhardt)
check_tcp - Status output now includes hostname when host_specified is set (madrisan)
check_mysql - New -n/--ignore_auth option to ignore authentication failure (Julius Kriukas)
check_ssh - New -P/--remote-protocol option to monitor the ssh protocol version (monitoring-user)
check_ntp - New -o/--time-offset option to compensate for the ntp server's offset relative to the local server (monitoring-user) - Added support for --disable-maintainer-mode (weiss)
check_http - The -C option no longer resets SSL version if e.g. -S 1 -C 5 is specified
check_ide_smart - Now defaults to nagios-compatible output (sreinhardt)
Fixed misleading timeout message for non-network plugins (sreinhardt)
check_swap - Now fails with 100% usage and a new status output when swap is disabled or missing (abrist)
check_ifstatus - Removed commas from perfdata - should now output valid perfdata in nagios format (waja)
check_ping - Now gracefully handle the "time of day goes back" error. This issue is rare, most will not notice the change (waja)
check_disk - Help output was clarified that it supports mount paths or partitions instead of just paths and partitions (waja)
check_ide_smart - Fixed attribute comparison (waja)
check_ntp_time - Fixed average time calculation (larsi)
NPTest.cache - Empty or Missing file no longer blocks writing to the file (dermoth)
parse.ini - Fixed newlines in output (dermoth)
check_dig - Fixed wrong IPv6 arguments order (Stéphane Bortzmeyer)
check_dig - Now honors timeout value specified by switch -t (Jethro Carr) (abrist) - Renamed to to avoid deprecation warning (abrist) - The option --enable-extra-opts is now enabled by default (dermoth)
check_snmp - Now handles negative values properly (Stephane Lapie)
check_procs - Now ignores its parent process to avoid unexpected results when invoked via certain shells - No longer defines ECHO (weiss)
check_ide_smart now default to nagios output, -n kept for legacy support (sreinhardt)
check_ntp_peer - Status output changed, now includes individual state for offset, truechimers, stratum, and jitter (abrist)
check_tcp - Status output has changed, now includes hostname (madrisan)
check_procs - Performance data tests added (dermoth)
check_snmp - Added tests for negative thresholds (dermoth)
check_hpjd - Added tests for port options (abrist)
check_dns - Added new tests for query types (abrist)
check_pop - Added option to enable ssl for the test (abrist)
check_jabber - Fixed status output tests to account for hostname (abrist)
check_procs - Tests no longer fail if uid 501 is not present (sni)
check_mysql - Test prompts clarified (dermoth)
check_file_age - Added tests for --ignore-missing (waja)
Numerous small typos fixed.
Help output has been changed in many places for clarity and verbosity.
1.5 2nd October 2013
New check_dbi plugin for checking an (SQL) database using DBI
Let OpenSSL load its configuration file (see the OPENSSL_config(3) man page)
Add performance data to check_apt
Add performance data to check_procs
Added -4/-6 options to check_dig (Ville Mattila)
New check_oracle --connect option to perform real login
New check_nagios -t option to override the default timeout
New check_disk -f/--freespace-ignore-reserved option to ignore space reserved for root
New check_disk -N/--include-type option to limit the filesystem types to check
Allow for building the plugins in parallel
Add --without-{dbi,ldap,radius} options to ./configure
Made Verbose output of check_sensors compliant (Gabriele Tozzi)
New switch -E/--extended-perfdata for check_http to print additional performance data (Sebastian Nohn)
New check_http -d option to specify a string to expect within the response headers
New check_http -J/-K options for client certificate authentication support
Add support for executing queries to check_pgsql
Let check_pgsql accept a UNIX socket directory as hostname
New check_pgsql -o option to specify additional connection parameters
New check_fping -S option to specify the source IP address
New check_fping -I option to specify the interface to bind to
Let check_fping support IPv6
New check_procs -k option to ignore kernel threads (on Linux)
Let check_procs use /proc/<PID>/exe (if available) instead of getpid(2), unless -T is specified
Let check_mysql support SSL
Let check_mysql add perfromance metrics for all checks
New check_mysql -f option to specify a client options file
New check_mysql -g option to specify a client options group
New check_snmp --offset option to allow for adding/substracting an offset value to sensor data
Let check_snmp support an arbitrary number of OIDs
Let check_ide_smart support NetBSD
Change the MAIL FROM command generated by check_smtp to be RFC compliant
Fix compilation of check_http without SSL support
Fix check_snmp reversed threshold ranges (backward-compatibility)
Fix check_snmp memory violation when using more than 8 oids (Robin Sonefors)
Fix check_apt security regular expression (Alex Bradley)
Fix check_http handling extra header (-k) containing semicolons (Richard Leitner)
Fix check_apt handling unknown exit codes from apt-get (Richard Leitner)
Fix deprecated imports of (Fabio Rueda)
check_http behaviour of -k/--header changed since it does not seperate multiple headers by semicolons anymore. Use multiple -k switches instead.
check_http's --proxy_authorization option is now called --proxy-authorization (it was always documented this way)
The contrib directory has been removed from this distribution
1.4.16 27th June 2012
check_nt UPTIME accepts warning/critical thresholds (Ryan Kelly)
check_disk_smb now allows spaces in share names (#990948, #1370031, Debian #601699)
check_http now uses standard threshold functions (enables floating point and ranges)
check_http now checks for and prints the certificate cn (hostname) in SSL certificate checks (Stéphane Urbanovski)
check_http now supports an optional -S/--ssl value to choose the SSL protocol version (#3066166 - Jason Lunn)
Add perfdata to check_ssh (#3244097 - Marco Beck)
New option to check_smtp to ignore failures when sending QUIT (#3358348 - Duncan Ferguson)
New check_by_ssh -F option which allows for specifying an alternative ssh_config(5) file (#2895334 - Sven Nierlein)
check_sensors now detects faulty sensors unless --ignore-fault is specified (Jan Wagner) now provides a check_range function (Alex Griffin)
Improved the performance of check_users (Marc Remy)
Add perfdata to check_disk_smb (Debian #654259 - Charles-Henri Larose)
Updated Nagios::Plugin perl module
Add warning threshold to certificate expiration checks of check_tcp/http/smtp (William Leibzon)
Add --perf-oids option for check_snmp (Jochen Bern)
Fix check_disk free space calculation if blocksizes differ within a disk group (Bekar - #2973603)
check_disk_smb now handles NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED properly (Debian #601696)
Make check_snmp work more like v1.4.14 with regard to using special values (Timeticks, STRING) as numeric thresholds
Fix check_ldap overriding the port when --ssl was specified after -p
Fix check_procs where regex input of '|' would get displayed in output - now replaced with ','
Fix segfault in check_host when hostname returns multiple IP addresses (Sebastian Harl)
Fix check_smtp and check_tcp where duplicate messages were displayed for certificate errors
Fix check_ping's parsing of ping6(1) output (#1894850, Debian #514588, Debian #662638 - Matej Vela)
Fix a check_dhcp bug which was triggered by checking Windows 2003 DHCP servers (#3503921)
Disable RFC4507 support, to work around SSL negotiation issues with (at least) some Tomcat versions
Fix performance data label containing spaces in check_snmp (Jochen Bern)
1.4.15 27th July 2010
New check_ntp_peer -m and -n options to check the number of usable time sources ("truechimers")
New check_disk_smb -a option which allows for specifying the IP address of the remote server
New check_radius -N option which allows for specifying the value of the NAS-IP-Address attribute
New check_snmp --rate option to store differences between invocations. Saves state in PREFIX/var/{plugin}
check_snmp -l label option now also changes the perfdata label. See WARNINGS
check_snmp has an --invert-search option which reverses status of the string and regexp searches
check_http now displays the missing search string and the URL in the output when failed (Duncan Ferguson - #2999924)
Updated Nagios::Plugin perl module
Updated gnulib to June 2010
Fix check_ircd binding to wrong interface (#668778)
Add proxy-authorization option to check_http (Marcel Kuiper - #1323230, Bryan Irvine - #2863925)
check_icmp now increment the sequence counter in each packet
Fix usage of repeated -o options in check_snmp
Try to detect arguments passed via --with-ping[6]-command and set options accordingly (#2908236)
Fix memory leak in check_http for large pages (Jimmy Bergman - #2957455)
Fix compilation with GCC 2.96 (Konstantin Khomoutov - #2977105)
Fix regression introduced in #1867716 where partially valid performance strings would not be printed anymore
Fix regression in check_http ssl checks on some servers - make SNI an option
Fix guest mode support in check_disk_smb
Fix check_disk_smb and check_ircd failures when run via ePN
check_ldap now allows for specifying an empty LDAP base
Fix compilation error of pst3 in Solaris 8
Fix check_radius returning OK on unexpected results (Craig Leres - #2911752)
Fix translations when extra-opts aren't enabled (Jan Wagner - #2832884)
Fix parsing of multi-line strings in check_snmp (broken in 1.4.14) and enhance output in such case (#2832451)
Fix detection of pst3 64-bit compile flags with Sun CC
Fix cmd_run overwriting the environment, which would break some commands that needed it
Allow check_ifstatus to accept version=2c - used to only allow version=2 (Brian Landers)
Fix examples in check_disk, where it implied was possible to suffix unit values to warn/crit parameters
Updated developer documentation to say that performance labels should not have an equals sign or
single quote in the label
check_http 1.4.14 introduced SSL SNI support - you now have to enable it explicitly with "--sni"
check_snmp -l label option is also used for the performance label. This could change history from previous uses
1.4.14 16th September 2009
check_http has options to specify the HTTP method (#2155152)
check_users thresholds were not working exactly as documented (>= rather than >)
Updated tinderbox_build script to point to new tinderbox server
check_ifoperstatus -n flag now works as expected ( #1569488)
check_ifoperstatus now supports ifType based lookup for ifIndex
check_ups now sends a LOGOUT string (debian bug #387001)
Extra-opts (C plugins) now allows both '#' and ';' for comments (like N::P)
Extra-opts (C plugins) does not allow trailing comments anymore (like N::P)
Fixed dependency issue on libtap when ./configure --enable-libtap used. Warning: will install libtap
Fixed segfault in extra-opts under some circumstance when reading multiple sections
Fix long options parsing in check_disk, check_dns, check_mrtg, check_mrtgtraf and check_tcp
Add missing long options for check_nt (for use with extra-opts)
check_icmp now reports min and max round trip time perfdata (Steve Rader)
Fixed check_http bug where additional headers with redirection caused a segfault (Dieter Van de Walle - 2089159)
check_disk: make autofs mount paths specified with -p before we determine the mount list (Erik Welch)
Fixed buffer overflow in check_ntp/check_ntp_peer (#1999319, Ubuntu #291265)
Re-bundled libtap as a built-in library (--enable-libtap): detects system library as pre-1.4.13 and does not install the built-in library anymore
Fixed check_mrtg returning UNKNOWN instead of OK (bug #2378068)
Fixed check_http behaviour: all check are now performed as long as a valid response is returned ( #1460312)
check_http --onredirect=sticky follows using the same IP address ( #2550208)
check_http --onredirect=stickyport also follows the same port
Fixed coredump from check_nt when invalid drive is specified (#2179754 - Olli Hauer)
Fixed crash from check_nt when -H unspecified or given multiple times ( #2731755, debian #521097)
Fixed passing of quotes in OID for check_snmp (#1985230 - Jan Wagner, patch by John Barbuto)
Fixed check_http sending HTTP/1.0 with v1.1 headers (#2638765)
Fixed check_http not timing-out on redirects
Fixed negate not printing the real timeout in ALRM handler when left to default
negate timeout result is now configurable
Fixed segfault in check_mysql with old slaves (#2696823 - Oskar Ahner)
check_nt can return UNKNOWN on timeouts (-u)
Fixed typos for check_disk (Chris Pepper)
Fixed check_mysql* not using password set in my.cnf (#2531905 - Ben Timby) - Specify an empty password explicitly if you need to override it.
Fixed awk script path error (#2722832 - Martin Foster)
check_http: Add SSL/TLS hostname extension support (SNI) - (#1939022 - Joe Presbrey)
Fixed wrong perfdata label for output traffic in check_mrtgtraf (#2654308 - Gavin Williams)
Fixed check_by_ssh interpretation of quotes in -C parameter (#1985246, #2268675)
check_snmp now supports standard threshold ranges and doubles (floating numbers) in thresholds
check_fping now supports passing target timeout and interval to fping (#2347686 - Martin Foster)
Fixed SNMPv3 behaviour of check_ifoperstatus and check_ifstatus. Added -P to define privprotocol (#2343438 - Robin Schroeder)
check_ifoperstatus and check_ifstatus are now more user-friendly in case of missing arguments
pst3 compile fix for Sun Studio Compiler (Grant Byers)
1.4.13 25th Sept 2008
Fix Debian bug #460097: check_http --max-age broken (Hilko Bengen)
Optimised pst3 for systems with large number of processes (Duncan Ferguson)
Updated Nagios::Plugin to 0.27
Fix Debian bug #479013: check_dig's -l is mandatory now ( #1986306)
check_dig now returns CRITICAL instead of WARNING when no answer section is found
check_procs now captures stderr in external command and adds to plugin output
check_snmp now only prints perfdata for non numeric values (#1867716)
check_icmp now supports packet size modification
check_http -e now accepts a comma-delimited list of expected status codes (Sven Nierlein)
libtap now included with this distribution for easier testing. Run ./configure with --enable-libtap
check_ntp_peer/check_ntp_time used to show port in --help but ignored the argument - now implemented
Fix possible segfault in check_ntp_peer with deliberately invalid packets
1.4.12 27th May 2008
Added ./check_nt -v INSTANCES to count number of instances (Alessandro Ren)
New check_icmp -s option to specify the source IP address
check_dns now sorts addresses for testing results for more than one returned IP (Matthias Urlichs)
Fix segfault in check_ntp_time and (deprecated) check_ntp (Bug #1862300)
check_disk should now work with large file systems (2TB+) on all archs that supports it
Fixed check_disk disk usage calculation when using --group=NAME (related to bug #1348746)
Fix help text of check_ntp* (Bug #1880095)
Fix bugs and flaws in best offset server selection of check_ntp_time and (deprecated) check_ntp
check_ntp_peer now checks for the LI_ALARM flag
Sync to latest Gnulib (includes new floorf function)
check_pgsql now successfully builds with postgres lib v8.3 (Bug #1878972)
check_procs now accepts --ereg-argument-array for a regular expression match to the argument array
Reverted back to using pst3 for Solaris systems. Fixed issues re: -m64 needed to compile on 64bit systems
If applicable, Gettext linked dynamically instead of statically
check_dig can now pass arguments to dig by using -A/--dig-arguments (#1874041/#1889453)
check_ntp and check_ntp_peer now show proper jitter/stratum thresholds longopts in --help
check_dns now allow to repeat -a to match multiple possibly returned address (common with load balancers)
check_mysql and check_radius now try clearing password in processlist just like check_mysql_query
check_mysql and check_mysql_query now support sockets explicitely (-s, --socket)
negate now has the ability to replace the status text as well (-s, --substitute)
Added performance data to check_ping (Christian Schneemann)
Added support for --extra-opts in all C plugins (disabled by default, see configure --help)
Fixed passive option in check_by_ssh
On non-skipped stderr, check_by_ssh now returns UNKNOWN or worse (result from command) instead of always UNKNOWN.
Fix linking against OpenSSL where libdl is required
1.4.11 13th December 2007
Fixed check_http regression in 1.4.10 where following redirects to
relative URLs on virtual hosts failed if both "-H" and "-I" were used
Merged two new checks that deprecates check_ntp: check_ntp_peer and check_ntp_time.
You should read the --help output so see which one is suitable for you. check_ntp_peer
implement stratum thresholds support (feature request #1703823).
check_ntp now returns UNKNOWN instead of WARNING if jitter is unavailable (jitter=-1.000000)
as long as the thresholds range include -1. If no offset threshold is specified
and the offset is unavailable, will return UNKNOWN as well.
NOTE: If jitter thresholds are specified as integers it will return CRITICAL if jitter
is "-1" as the default range starts at 0. See Examples in --help output.
Fixed broken usage2 in check_snmp and check_cluster
check_cluster now accepts all valid characters in its thresholds ("-", "@", "~")
Fixed check_disk reporting OK if disk usage grows over 100% (bug #1348746).
The problem happens to be in Gnulib but a workaround have been implemented in check_disk.c
Fixed check_load argument handling when not passing triplets (bug #1831890)
Fixed buffer overflow in check_snmp (CVE-2007-5623)
Tinderbox builds now runs tests in a verbose mode
Updated Nagios::Plugin to 0.22
VPATH problem fixed for compiling plugins-root
1.4.10 28th September 2007
Fix check_http buffer overflow vulnerability when following HTTP redirects (CVE-2007-5198)
check_http now explicitly asks HTTP/1.1 servers to close the connection
after completion of the response
Check_ldaps' guessing which secure method to use (starttls vs. ssl on connect)
is now deprecated. See --help for further information.
Check_disk now calls stat() on all filesystems to check. (Old: only the ones selected using -p)
A meaningful error message (eg "Stale NFS Handle") is printed if stat fails.
New check_disk option -L: Only check local filesystems, but call stat() on remote ones, too.
Thus accessibility of remote filesystems can be checked without any threshold comparison.
Check_disk's --help now prints some examples for the new features introduced in 1.4.8
New check_disk -i/-I option to ignore pathes/partitions based on regular expressions
New check_disk -A option to select all filesystems explicitly
WARNING: check_disk's -E option must now be passed before -p or -r/-R arguments
Passing -E after -p or -r results in UNKNOWN state, now
This is needed due to the new ignore feature
Fix check_disk bug when mixing case sensitive and case insensitive regex arguments
New check_dhcp -u/--unicast option for emulating a DHCP relay in order
to check DHCP servers on remote networks
New check_dhcp -m/--mac option which allows for specifying the MAC
address to use in the DHCP request
The check_dhcp -r and -s options now accept host names, too
Fix possible check_icmp bus errors on some (non-x86/AMD64) platforms
Fix check_smtp's handling of multiple-packet server responses
WARNING: Fix for negate which may break existing commands:
- stop evaluating command line options through shell twice
- enforce a full path for the command to run
The "negate" utility can now remap custom states
Check_radius now supports radiusclient-ng
The (undocumented) positional parameter parsing which check_radius used
instead of getopt(3) if 8 arguments were given is no longer available
Check_by_ssh now supports multiline output
IPv6 support can now be disabled using ./configure --without-ipv6
Fix check_ntp now honor ntp flags
1.4.9 4th June 2007
Inclusion of contrib/check_cluster2 as check_cluster with some improvements
New/improved -E/--skip-stderr and -S/--skip-stdout options for check_by_ssh
check_snmp now supports Counter64
Fix compilation of check_ldap, check_radius and check_pgsql
check_load can optionally divide by number of cpus
Fix check_time returning wrong OK when time is before the epoch on some arch
Make check_http output more consistent
Fix possible check_http segfaults when following HTTP redirects
check_snmp don't warn anymore if something is printed on stderr
Fix check_tcp segfault when multiple expect strings are given
New option for check_tcp: -A/--all to test if all given expect strings match
1.4.8 11th April 2007
Respects --without-world-permissions for setuid plugins
check_disk extra options for regex matching of filesystems and grouping of filesystems
for collective thresholds
Better configure test for mysqlclient availability
Various check_ntp fixes
1.4.7 29th March 2007
check_procs uses /usr/ucb/ps if available - fixes pst3 problems on Solaris
Fixed MKINSTALLDIRS problem in po/
./configure now detects if possible to compile check_mysql
Fixed broken HELO in check_smtp
check_icmp now allows to set a minimum number of hosts required for successs (-m)
check_icmp fix for *BSD when running for long time
check_ping times out 1 second quicker if host is unreachable
Root plugins installed with world executable
check_sybase from contrib now maintained in NagiosExchange
--with-nagios-user/group reinstated ./configure option
New --without-world-permissions ./configure option
1.4.6 5th February 2007
Reduced number of DNS lookups in check_ping and netutils.c for IPv6 configurations
Fixed compile problems with *BSD re: alloca.h
Fixed Solaris problems with check_swap (tested on Solaris 9)
Fixed check_swap for HP/UX where swapinfo command was incorrect
Fixed check_disk inode threshold checks, regressed at r1.4.4.
Fixed crit/warn for check_disk perf data
Fixed buffer overflow in check_procs
Fixed error handling for UNIX sockets in netutils.c
New -q and -o options for check_by_ssh which are handed over to ssh(1) as is
Synced with latest GNUlib
Fixed check_jabber always returns warning
Fixed bug in perl's is_hostname routine
New C based check_ntp. The perl version is now deprecated.
New check_apt plugin
Notice: plugins in contrib/ will start to be removed from this distribution.
Please check at for contributed plugins
Major bug fixes to check_disk where values were incorrectly calculated and alerted on.
check_udp2 removed. check_udp is now linked to check_tcp.c
check_mailq now errors if the sub-program run returns non-zero return code. This would appear
as if mailqs were okay when the nagios user could not query the mail-queues
Compile problems with check_snmp fixed
Setuid plugins (check_dhcp, check_icmp) separated into plugins-root/. Run make install as root to install
SSL plugins work with gnutls as well as OpenSSL
check_mysql_query added to run arbitrary SQL commands, with threshold checking
libtool now required for development systems
Notice: check_udp (compiled from check_udp.c) will be deprecated in the next release.
check_udp2 should be used instead and will be renamed to check_udp
Fix for Redhat ES4 for check_dns and check_dig
IPv6 support in check_ping, check_by_ssh, check_http, check_ldap, check_smtp, check_tcp
Internationalisation support
Performance data added to most plugins
check_disk now using GNU coreutils code
New plugins - check_dhcp, check_icmp
contrib/check_citrix has been replaced by contrib/check_ica* (requires in libexec)
check_http --min changed to --pagesize, added max so min:max in check
check_vsz and check_rss deprecated - functionality moved into check_procs
check_swap % thresholds changed to measure amount free, instead of amount used
check_disk syntax changes for -p, -m/-M, defaults to MB instead of kB
check_procs -C expects no path for the command name