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# Pull base image
# ---------------
FROM store/oracle/weblogic:
ENV DOMAIN_NAME="sample-domain1"
ENV DOMAIN_HOME="/u01/oracle/user_projects/domains/${DOMAIN_NAME}"
USER root
RUN mkdir -p $DOMAIN_HOME && \
chown -R oracle:oracle $DOMAIN_HOME && \
chmod -R a+xwr $DOMAIN_HOME && \
mkdir ${DOMAIN_HOME}/docker-build-tmp && \
mkdir -p $DOMAIN_HOME/wlsdeploy/applications/
COPY scripts/* ${DOMAIN_HOME}/docker-build-tmp/
COPY target/opdemo.war $DOMAIN_HOME/wlsdeploy/applications/
RUN -skipWLSModuleScanning -loadProperties ${DOMAIN_HOME}/docker-build-tmp/ \
RUN rm -rf ${DOMAIN_HOME}/docker-build-tmp && \
chown -R oracle:oracle ${DOMAIN_HOME} && \
chmod -R a+xwr ${DOMAIN_HOME}
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