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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Naturebytes Wildlife Cam Kit | V1.07 (Pixel)
# Based on the excellent official Raspberry Pi tutorials and a little extra from Naturebytes
# Usage: sudo python [<options>] [--]
# ======================================================================
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
from subprocess import call
from datetime import datetime
import logging
import getopt
import sys
# Logging all of the camera's activity to the "naturebytes_camera_log" file. If you want to watch what your camera
# is doing step by step you can open a Terminal window and type "cd /Naturebytes/Scripts" and then type
# "tail -f naturebytes_camera_log" - leave this Terminal window open and you can view the logs live
# Alternatively, add -v to the launch to use verbosity mode
logging.basicConfig(format="%(asctime)s %(message)s",filename="naturebytes_camera_log",level=logging.DEBUG)"Naturebytes Wildlife Cam Kit started up successfully")
# Assigning a variable to the pins that we have connected the PIR to
sensor_pin = 13
# *** Legacy Kickstarter edition only ***
# You may want to detect the battery status (low or high) if using a Powerboost.
# Ues script if so
# Setting the GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins up so we can detect if they are HIGH or LOW (on or off)
GPIO.setup(sensor_pin, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_DOWN)
def main(argv):
# Set default save location
save_location = "/media/usb0/"
# Command line defaults
verbose = False
logo = False
# Set save location
opts, args = getopt.getopt(argv, "ho:lv")
for opt, arg in opts:
if opt == "-h":
elif opt == "-l":
logo = True
elif opt == "-o": # Basic error checking
save_location = arg.strip()
save_location = save_location if save_location.startswith("/") else "/" + save_location
save_location = save_location if save_location.endswith("/") else save_location + "/"
elif opt == "-v":
verbose = True
except getopt.GetoptError:
# Take images when PIR trigger HIGH
# Defining our default states so we can detect a change
prev_state = False
curr_state = False
# Starting a loop
while True:
prev_state = curr_state
# Map the state of the camera to our input pins (jumper cables connected to your PIR)
curr_state = GPIO.input(sensor_pin)
# Checking whether the state has changed
if curr_state != prev_state:
# Check if our new state is HIGH or LOW
new_state = "HIGH" if curr_state else "LOW"
print("GPIO pin %s is %s" % (sensor_pin, new_state))
if curr_state: # State has changed to HIGH, so that must be a trigger from the PIR
i = # Get current time
get_date = i.strftime("%Y-%m-%d") # Get and format the date
get_time = i.strftime("%H-%M-%S.%f") # Get and format the time
# Recording that a PIR trigger was detected"PIR trigger detected")
printVerbose(verbose, "PIR trigger detected")
# Assigning a variable so we can create a photo JPG file that contains the date and time as its name
photo_name = get_date + "_" + get_time + ".jpg"
# Using the raspistill library to take a photo.
# Show the photo that has been taken in a small preview box on the desktop by changing --nopreview to --preview
cmd = "raspistill -t 300 -w 1920 -h 1440 --nopreview -o " + save_location + photo_name
print("cmd: " + cmd)
# If you have permission problems saving to other attached non-Naturebytes storage devices,
# uncomments the following lines to change the owner of the photo
# perms = "chown pi:pi /media/usb0/" + photo_name
# print("perms: " + perms)
# Log that we have just taking a photo"About to take a photo and save to the USB drive")
printVerbose(verbose, "About to take a photo and save to the USB drive")
call ([cmd], shell=True)
# call ([perms], shell=True)
# Use ImageMagick to write text and meta data onto the photo.
photo_location = save_location + photo_name
overlay = "/usr/bin/convert " + photo_location + " -gravity north -background black -extent +0+40 +repage -box black -fill white -pointsize 24 -gravity southwest -annotate +6+6 'Naturebytes Wildlife Cam Kit | Date & Time: " + get_date + " " + get_time + "' -gravity southeast -annotate +6+6 'Camera 1' " + photo_location
call ([overlay], shell=True)
# Log that we the text was added successfully""Added the overlay text successfully")
printVerbose(verbose, "Added the overlay text successfully")
# Add a small Naturebytes logo to the top left of the photo. Note - you could change this to your own logo if you wanted."Adding the Naturebytes logo")
printVerbose(verbose, "Adding the Naturebytes logo")
overlay = "/usr/bin/convert " + photo_location + " /home/pi/Naturebytes/Scripts/naturebytes_logo_80.png -geometry +1+1 -composite " + photo_location
call ([overlay], shell=True)
# Log that a photo was taken successfully and state the file name so we know which one""Photo taken successfully %(show_photo_name)s", { "show_photo_name": photo_name })
printVerbose(verbose, msg=("Photo taken successfully %s" % (photo_name)))
else:"Waiting for a new PIR trigger to continue")
printVerbose(verbose, "Waiting for a new PIR trigger to continue")
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print("KeyboardInterrupt detected. Exiting program")
print("Error detected. Exiting program")
def printHelp():
options = """
usage: sudo python [<options>] [--]
\t -l \t Overlay Naturebytes logo onto captured image
\t -o <outputlocation> \t specify output file location
\t -v \t be verbose - print log in terminal
def printVerbose(verbose, msg):
if(verbose): print("Log: " + msg)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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