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OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project BSP layer for Qualcomm based platforms
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classes classes: qcom-firmware-mount: automatically mount firmware partition Oct 12, 2015
conf layer.conf: Add warrior to compatible release series Apr 2, 2019
dynamic-layers/openembedded-layer/recipes-navigation/gpsd layer.conf: Use BBFILES_DYNAMIC to add meta-oe Jan 4, 2019
recipes-devtools qmic: upgrade new upstream Sep 11, 2018
recipes-graphics xf86-video-freedreno: remove recipe Feb 26, 2019
recipes-kernel/linux recipes-kernel/linux: Update to 4.14.96 LTS Jan 30, 2019
recipes-multimedia/gstreamer alsa-lib: Delete bbappend Apr 7, 2017
scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks sdimg: use WIC to assemble sd-card image Nov 12, 2017
COPYING.MIT Create initial BSP layer for IFC6410 Jul 22, 2014
README README: add symlink Apr 11, 2017 firmware-qcom-dragonboard410c: remove ACCEPT_EULA variable Nov 7, 2017



OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project layer for Qualcomm based platforms.

This layer depends on:

URI: git://
layers: meta
branch: master
revision: HEAD

This layers has an optional dependency on meta-oe layer:

URI: git://
layers: meta-oe
branch: master
revision: HEAD

The dependency is optional, and not strictly required. When meta-oe is enabled in the build (e.g. it is used in BBLAYERS) then additional recipes from meta-qcom are added to the metadata. You can refer to meta-qcom/conf/layer.conf for the implementation details.


If you want to contribute changes, you can send Github pull requests at

Alternatively you can send patches to, in which case, please:

  • When creating patches, please use something like:

git format-patch -s --subject-prefix='meta-qcom][PATCH' origin

  • When sending patches, please use something like:

git send-email --to <generated patch>

You can discuss about this layer, on #linaro on FreeNode IRC network.

Reporting issues

Please report any issue on


Nicolas Dechesne

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