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Micro-service used by NEARStudio to deploy smart contracts.
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Micro-service used to create accounts.

Environment Variables

This micro-service depends on the following environment variables:

  • NODE_URL -- default;
  • PORT -- default 3000;

The above variable is used internally by the contract helper, it does not have to correspond to the external IP or DNS name and can link to the host machine running the Docker container.

  • NODE_ENV -- default production. Node.js environment (should be production for production use, development for local development)
  • NEW_ACCOUNT_AMOUNT -- default 10000000000, integer;
  • ACCOUNT_CREATOR_KEY -- JSON key of account used to create accounts
  • ACCOUNT_RECOVERY_KEY -- JSON key of account used to recover accounts
  • TWILIO_FROM_PHONE – phone number from which to send SMS with security code (international format, starting with +)
  • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID – account SID from Twilio (used to send security code)
  • TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN – auth token from Twilio (used to send security code)

Local Development


  1. Install latest Node.js LTS release.
  2. Install HTTPie.

Install dependencies

npm install

Create database

Create accounts_development Postgres DB with fiddle user/password. After that:

npm run migrate

You can also modify DB config in config/config.js to use different connection settings, etc.

Run server

Make sure that before running service there are appropriate env variables set (can be put in .env file in root directory of project):

npm start

Create account

http post http://localhost:3000/account newAccountId=nosuchuseryet.near newAccountPublicKey=22skMptHjFWNyuEWY22ftn2AbLPSYpmYwGJRGwpNHbTV
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