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View Helpers not Working in Rails 3.1 #147

JackCA opened this Issue Jan 15, 2012 · 6 comments

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JackCA commented Jan 15, 2012

I've got a setup like follows:
node do |i|
{ created: time_ago_in_words(i.created_at)}

and am receiving the following error:
```undefined method 'time_ago_in_words' for #Rabl::Engine:0x007fdeb3956ca0

I am using the head version of Rabl.
Is there something more I have to do to include such type of view helpers?

Which version of rabl are you using? Try 0.5.5.j and let me know if the problem persists...


Does not work with 0.5.5.j either.


Actually this is an issue related to the gon gem. Once I prevent passing the rabl json to gon it works fine. I'm looking into this further.


Any update? Is this a rabl problem?

gazay commented Apr 17, 2012

Sorry for delay, I just released gon gem version 3.0.0 where I fixed this problem with including ActionView::Helpers into Rabl::Engine. I cloned repo of Rabl and ran specs with including this helpers - all specs passed except one, which not related to my changes, so I think I'm not affect any functionality of Rabl.


OK, I am going to close this issue, thanks!

@nesquena nesquena closed this Apr 18, 2012
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