Unity unit test framework focused on run play time and actual machine
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Unity unit test framework focused on run play time and actual machine


Why needs this?

Presentation Slide - RuntimeUnitTestToolkit for Unity

Unity Unit Test is not supported runtime unit test. IL2CPP or other machine specific issue is a serious issue. We should check it.

How to use?

get .unitypackage on releases page.

Open RuntimeUnitTestToolkit/UnitTest.scene, it is test explorer.

Write first test class.

// make unit test on plain C# class
public class SampleGroup
    // all public methods are automatically registered in test group
    public void SumTest()
        var x = int.Parse("100");
        var y = int.Parse("200");

        // using RuntimeUnitTestToolkit;
        // 'Is' is Assertion method, same as Assert(actual, expected)
        (x + y).Is(300);

    // return type 'IEnumerator' is marked as async test method
    public IEnumerator AsyncTest()
        var testObject = new GameObject("Test");

        // wait asynchronous coroutine(UniRx coroutine runnner)
        yield return MainThreadDispatcher.StartCoroutine(MoveToRight(testObject));

        // assrtion


    IEnumerator MoveToRight(GameObject o)
        for (int i = 0; i < 60; i++)
            var p = o.transform.position;
            p.x += 1;
            o.transform.position =  p;
            yield return null;

finally register test classes on test manager

public static class UnitTestLoader
    public static void Register()
        // setup created test class to RegisterAllMethods<T>
        // and add other classes

play UnitTest scene


Assertion API

Standard API(static Assert methods)

  • Assert.AreEqual
  • Assert.AreNotEqual
  • Assert.IsTrue
  • Assert.IsNull
  • Assert.IsNotNull
  • Assert.Fail
  • Assert.AreSame
  • Assert.AreNotSame
  • Assert.IsInstanceOfType
  • Assert.IsNotInstanceOfType
  • Assert.Catch
  • Assert.Throws
  • Assert.DoesNotThrow
  • CollectionAssert.AreEqual
  • CollectionAssert.AreNotEqual

Extension API(extension methods of object)
These api makes standard api to fluent sytnax
AssertAreEqual(actual, expected) -> actual.Is(expected).

  • Is
  • IsCollection
  • IsNot
  • IsNotCollection
  • IsEmpty
  • IsNull
  • IsNotNull
  • IsTrue
  • IsFalse
  • IsSampeReferenceAs
  • IsNotSampeReferenceAs
  • IsInstanceOf
  • IsNotInstanceOf

These API is port of neuecc/ChainingAssertion

with UniRx

UniRx helps Unit test easily. event as IObservable<T>, ObserveOnEveryValueChanged, ObservableTriggers can watch test target's state from outer environment.

public IEnumerator WithUniRxTestA()
    // subscribe event callback
    var subscription = obj.SomeEventAsObservable().First().ToYieldInstruction();

    // raise event 

    // check event raise complete
    yield return subscription;


public IEnumerator UniRxTestB()
    // monitor value changed
    var subscription = obj.ObserveEveryValueChanged(x => x.someValue).Skip(1).First().ToYieldInstruction();

    // do something

    // wait complete
    yield return subscription;


Author Info

Yoshifumi Kawai(a.k.a. neuecc) is a software developer in Japan.
He is the Director/CTO at Grani, Inc.
He is awarding Microsoft MVP for Visual C# since 2011.
He is known as the creator of UniRx(Reactive Extensions for Unity)

Blog: https://medium.com/@neuecc (English)
Blog: http://neue.cc/ (Japanese)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/neuecc (Japanese)


This library is under the MIT License.