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Privacy Policy

Version 1.0, February 25, 2017


I'm not a lawyer. Fortunately, I don't collect any personal information about my users, so this Privacy Policy should be quite brief.

However, just to be clear: "the application" will refer to the newLEGACYinc app for android and other mobile platforms. "The server" will refer to the newLEGACYinc app server which powers the newLEGACYinc applications.

By using the application, you consent to having your data used as described in this privacy policy.

Data collection and usage

What data is collected?

The application sends a registration ID and application settings to the server.

The registration ID is a token that allows the server to send notifications to the device through the application. This token cannot be used to identify a user or a device.

The application settings include user preferences including notification settings.

How is this data collected and stored?

User data is sent to the server as soon as a user begins using the applications. This data is collected over an HTTPs connection to the server and is stored in a secured database.

How is this data used?

The server uses this data to ensure that only relevant notifications are sent to user devices.

I reserve the right to release aggregate, anonymized statistical data about user data publically. Otherwise, no data will ever be shared with any third party.

How long is this data stored? Can I delete data stored about me?

Currently, this data is stored indefinitely and there is no way for a user to delete data stored for their device(s). Since no user data is personally identifiable, there is currently no way for a user to request that their data be removed from the server.