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  • added Battery preferences with support for Low Power Mode on compatible Macs (#181)
  • added a Japanese translation (#182)
  • updated the Turkish translation (#183)
  • added an Italian translation (#184)
  • added an advanced preference to auto-activate when an external screen is connected (#186, #84)

Please note: The 1.6.3 release does not support macOS Sierra anymore. You can continue using version 1.6.2 on this version of macOS.



  • added support for notifications, use System Preferences to manage notification settings (#164)
    • please note, this feature is only available on macOS 11 or newer; the previous experimental notifications support has been removed
  • updated the French translation (#146, #169)


  • raised minimum deployment target to macOS Sierra (#142)
  • updated icons using the macOS Big Sur style (#141)
  • added support for the arm64 architecture on macOS Big Sur
  • created an official website
  • added a Russian translation (#147, #155)



  • added the ability to customize activation durations in Preferences (#132)
  • added an advanced preference to quit the app when the activation duration is over (#133)
  • added an Indonesian translation (#137)

Please note: The 1.5.x series of releases will be the last supporting macOS Yosemite and El Capitan. If you see any critical reason for supporting those, please leave a comment on GitHub.


  • added an Updates tab to Preferences (#107)
  • enabled the Hardened Runtime security feature (#111)
  • enabled the App Sandbox security feature (#112)
    • custom icons need to be placed in ~/Library/Containers/info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake/Data/Documents now and will be migrated during the app update
  • Start at login uses a launcher helper app now (#110)
    • the previous login item is not compatible anymore and it is recommended to disable Start at login before updating!
    • please check this wiki page if you encounter problems
  • updated Sparkle to the ui-separation-and-xpc version (#109) (#113)


  • the icon can be dragged out of the menubar to quit on macOS Sierra and newer (#82, suggested by Eitot)
  • support for the keepingyouawake:///toggle action (#96), thanks code918!
  • new localizations
  • allows Dark Aqua appearance on macOS Mojave


  • support cmd+w and cmd+q keyboard shortcuts in the preferences window (#56)
  • preferences now remember the window position
  • allow option-click on the menubar icon (#59)
  • fixed the incorrect fullscreen behavior of the preferences window (#71), thanks Eitot!
  • more localization updates
  • updated Sparkle to 1.18.1


  • Localization support
  • removed advanced preference to allow the display to sleep (didn't work properly and lead to confusion)
    • the info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake.AllowDisplaySleep preference was removed
    • a similar, more powerful replacement feature will be introduced soon


  • Added a preferences window that replaces seldom used menu items and surfaces advanced and experimental preferences
  • You can now set the default activation duration for the menu bar icon in preferences
  • Removed the advanced preference for info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake.PreventSleepOnACPower
  • Added an advanced preference to allow display sleep while still preventing system sleep (Issue #25)
  • Ability to set a battery level on MacBooks where the app will deactivate itself (Issue #24)
    • Thank you timbru31 for the suggestion!
  • Upgraded to Sparkle 1.14.0 to fix potential security issues


  • Fixed Sparkle Updates (Broken thanks to App Transport Security in OS X 10.11 and GitHub disabling HTTPS for pages) If you know someone with Version 1.3.0, please let them know that 1.3.1 is available and can be downloaded manually to receive future updates. This is a nightmare come true… 😱

  • Fixed rendering for custom icons: They are now rendered as template images

  • Added advanced settings to disable the blue highlight rectangle on click. Enable it with (replace YES with NO to disable it again):

      defaults write info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake.MenuBarIconHighlightDisabled -bool YES


  • Basic command line interface through URI schemes

    • Thank you KyleKing for the suggestion!
    • you can activate/deactivate the sleep timer with unlimited time intervals
    • you can open KeepingYouAwake from the command line with a custom sleep timer duration
    • the seconds, minutes and hours parameters are rounded up to the nearest integer number and cannot be combined at the moment

    open keepingyouawake://
    open keepingyouawake:///activate # indefinite duration
    open keepingyouawake:///activate?seconds=5
    open keepingyouawake:///activate?minutes=5
    open keepingyouawake:///activate?hours=5
    open keepingyouawake:///deactivate

  • Support for custom menu bar icons. Just place four images named ActiveIcon.png, ActiveIcon@2x.png, InactiveIcon.png, InactiveIcon@2x.png in your ~/Library/Application Support/KeepingYouAwake/ folder. The recommended size for these images is 22x20 pts

  • hold down the option key and click inside the "Activate for Duration" menu to set the default duration for the menu bar icon


  • Fixed an issue where "Start at Login" would crash when clicked multiple times in a row (Fixed by registered99, thank you!)

  • Less aggressive awake handling when the MacBook lid is closed by using the caffeinate -di command instead of caffeinate -disu

  • You can revert back to the previous behaviour by pasting the following snippet into

      defaults write info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake.PreventSleepOnACPower -bool YES
  • ctrl + click will now display the menu


  • There are no significant changes since beta1

  • Tweaked the experimental (and hidden) notifications

  • You can enable the notifications preview by pasting the following snippet into

      defaults write info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake.NotificationsEnabled -bool YES
  • and to disable it again:

      defaults write info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake.NotificationsEnabled -bool NO


  • Activation timer
  • Sparkle integration for updates
    • Sparkle will check for updates once a day
    • A second beta will follow in the coming days to test automatic updates
  • This is beta software. If you notice any issues, please report them here


  • Signed with Developer ID
  • Start At Login menu item added


  • Initial Release
  • Keeps your Mac awake