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Nextcloud Calendar

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A calendar app for Nextcloud. Easily sync events from various devices with your Nextcloud and edit them online.

Why is this so awesome?

  • 🚀 Integration with other Nextcloud apps! Currently Contacts – more to come.
  • 🌐 WebCal Support! Want to see your favorite team's matchdays in your calendar? No problem!
  • 🙋 Attendees! Invite people to your events.
  • 🙈 We’re not reinventing the wheel! Based on the great davclient.js, ical.js and fullcalendar libraries.

And in the works for the coming versions:

  • 🔍 Search for events (#8)
  • Get alarms for events inside your browser (#51)
  • ⌚️ See when other attendees are free (#39)


In your Nextcloud, simply navigate to »Apps«, choose the category »Organization«, find the Calendar app and enable it. Then open the Calendar app from the app menu.


Check out our FAQ. If you dont find a solution, you are welcome to ask for support in our Forums or the IRC-Channel. If you have found a bug, feel free to open a new Issue on GitHub. Keep in mind, that this repository only manages the frontend. If you find bugs or have problems with the CalDAV-Backend, you should ask the guys at Nextcloud server for help!

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome/Chromium 49+
  • Edge 14+
  • Firefox 45+
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari 10+

We don't support Internet Explorer 10 and below. Patches for IE9+ are accepted though.

Nightly builds

Testing is a great way to contribute without having to write source code. Although it's straight forward, setting up the development environment requires some knowledge and extra tools on your device.

We provide nightly builds to enable everyone help testing without setting up the development environment.

  1. Download
  2. Extract the tar archive to 'path-to-nextcloud/apps'
  3. Navigate to »Apps«, choose the category »Productivity«, find the Calendar app and enable it.

The nightly builds are provided by Portknox.net

When reporting issues, please mention the date in the tar archive's name.


Georg Ehrke, Raghu Nayyar, Thomas Citharel and many more

If you’d like to join, just go through the issue list and fix some. :)
We’re also in #nextcloud-calendar on freenode IRC.

We’d like to thank BrowserStack for providing us with a free subscription.

Developer setup info

Just clone this repo into your apps directory (Nextcloud server installation needed). Additionally, nodejs (>=6) and yarn are needed for installing JavaScript dependencies.

Once node and yarn are installed, PHP and JavaScript dependencies can be installed by running

$ make

Please execute this command with your ordinary user account and neither root nor sudo.

We are currently moving the Calendar app from Angular 1 to Vue. (see this PR). Please develop your bugfixes / features against the vue branch for the time being