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Nextcloud VM Appliance

Server installation. Simplified. ☁️

Interactive Guidance

The Nextcloud VM(aka Nextcloud Virtual Machine or NcVM) — helps you create a personal or corporate Nextcloud Server faster and easier. Fundamentally, NcVM is a carefully crafted family of *nix scripts which interactively guide you through a quality-controlled installation to obtain an A+ security-rated Nextcloud instance.

Curated Extras

The Nextcloud app store extends core features by allowing you to enable a multitude of free one-click apps. However, integration apps there like Collabora Online and ONLYOFFICE are solely bridges to Nextcloud. You’re still required to install those services separately, which can be complex. NcVM provides optional full installation of select curated apps, including those and others. Monitor and manage your cloud using any web browser with NcVM’s hand-picked collection of power utilities featuring stunning, modern UIs.

All Systems Go

NcVM can check for and install stable updates to keep things current, smooth, and secure.


(Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS minimal 64-bit)
(Linux Kernel: 5.15)

  • Apache 2.4
  • PostgreSQL 14
  • PHP-FPM 8.1
  • Redis Memcache (latest stable version from PECL)
  • PHP-igbinary (latest stable version from PECL
  • PHP-smbclient (latest stable version from PECL)
  • Nextcloud Server Latest

Support the development


Developed by Daniel Hansson and the Nextcloud community. Nextcloud GmbH does not offer support for the VM in the master branch (full-version), as we only support manual tarball/zip-package installations. You can download the official Nextcloud VM appliance (also from this repo) from our website to get a stripped down version for testing if you rather want to skip all the manual steps in our documentation.

If you want support regarding the full-version VM in master, please contact our partner Hansson IT.

Full documentation

I want to test a Release Candidate (RC), or Beta!

No problem, brave explorer! We made it simple.

In some cases we do pre-releases of the VM as well. Those can be found in the TESTING folder on the download server.

If you want to try the latest version yourself, there are two variables that you could use:

  1. For latest beta or RC version: sudo bash /var/scripts/ beta

  2. For specific RC version: sudo bash /var/scripts/ 23.0.1rc2

Please keep in mind that this is only intended for testing and might crash your Nextcloud. Please keep backups!

Vagrant example (Beta)

The script can be run as part of Vagrant provisioning.

See this subrepo for more information.

Please report any issues you can find. Improvements are welcome!

First look


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Adminer (Database Administration) not default

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Webmin (Server Administration GUI) not default

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TLS rating

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