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Nextcloud VM

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Build your own VM, or install on a VPS

DigitalOcean example:
The script will mount and format the drive. Please select Manually Format & Mount when adding the second volume.

Minimum requirements:

  • A clean Ubuntu Server 18.04.X using the alternative installer
  • OpenSSH (preferred)
  • 20 GB HDD for OS
  • XX GB HDD for DATA (/mnt/ncdata)
  • Absolute minimum is 1 vCPU and 2 GB RAM (4 GB minimum if you are running OnlyOffice)
  • A working internet connection (the script needs it to download files and variables)
  • VMware Player (fully tested with Hyper-V and KVM as well).


  • DHCP available
  • 40 GB HDD for OS
  • 4 vCPU
  • 4 GB RAM


  1. Get the latest install script from master and install it with a sudo user:
    curl -sSL | sudo bash
  2. When the VM is installed it will automatically reboot. Remember to login with the user you created:
    ssh <user>@IP-ADDRESS
    If it automatically runs as root when you reboot the machine, you have to abort it by pressing CTRL+C and run the script as the user you just created:
    sudo -u <user> sudo bash /var/scripts/
  3. Please note that the installation/setup is not finished by just running the When you login with the (new) sudo user you ran the script with in step 2 you will automatically be presented with the setup script.

Machine configuration of the released version

Please check the configuration here.

Do you want to run this on your Raspberry Pi?

Great news! We have forked this repository and created a Raspberry Pi image that you can download from here: or here

We call it NextBerry and it's confirmed to be working on Raspberry Pi 2 & 3.

NOTE (2018-08-01): This is not maintained anymore, but keeping the info in case someone wants to pick it up again.

I want to test RC!

No problem! We made it simple. Run but abort it before it starts so that you have the latest Then put this in your below the curl command ( but before everything else and run it:

To test a specific RC version:


Or the latest RC:

NCVERSION=$(curl -s -m 900 $NCREPO/ | sed --silent 's/.*href="nextcloud-\([^"]\+\).zip.asc".*/\1/p' | sort --version-sort | tail -1)


Keep asking questions so that we can add them here.

Q: Where can i dowload VMware Player?
A: You can download the latest release here.

Q: Why are my apps are disabled during an upgrade?
A: Check here.

Q: How to update Nextcloud VM?
A: You cannot use the built in updater in Nextcloud GUI due to secure permissions on this VM. Use the built-in script instead: sudo bash /var/scripts/ or run run_nextcloud_update as root from your terminal.

Q: How do I run the occ command?
A: We've added an alias for that as well. As root, just run nextcloud_occ

Q: The mcrypt module is missing in the VM, why?

Q: Where do I tweak the settings for php-fpm?
A: You can change the settings in /etc/php/7.2/fpm/pool.d/nextcloud.conf, but be aware; only change it if you know what you are doing!

Q: Some apps are not installed (like issuetemplate for example), when running the setup script

Q: The downloaded file is just a few kilobytes, or corrupted
A: This is due to heavy load on the server. Please try again in a few minutes.

Q: The script says: "WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface yet. Use with caution in scripts"

Q: I get NETWORK NOT OK when booting the VM. How do I solve that?
A: There are a few causes to this error, most of them are your own network or firewall settings.

  • Remove the VM NIC adapter in settings on VMware/Virtualbox and then re-adding a NIC adapter. alt_tag
  • Check your firewall so that it doesn't block this specific IP
  • Check your router/firewall that you have DHCP enabled.

Q: I get a message that I'm not root, but I am.
A: Please see here:

Q: Which Hyper-V generation should we chose when creating a machine to load this image?
A: You currently need to use a 1st generation machine.

Q: Do you have a pre-configured Hyper-V VM?
A: Yes we have, you can download it here:

Q: I want a bigger version of this VM, where can I find that?
A: You can download it here:

Q: I have found a bug that I want to report, where do I do that?
A: Just submit your report here:

Q: How to install apps if not selected during first install?
A: Go to the apps folder in this repo and download the script in raw format and run them. For installing Talk: wget && sudo bash

Q: How to continue from partially installed system? - You got the FQDN wrong/You put in a bad password/ etc...
A: Extract the VM again and start over. The script can not be run twice in a row.

Q: Does automatic update update Ubuntu and Nextcloud?
A: if you want automatic updates of both Ubuntu and Nextcloud then check out this blog post:

Q: Can I enable-disable automatic update later of OS/Nextcloud?
A: Yes, it's controlled by a cronjob. Just disable the cronjob to disable automatic updates.

Q: How to backup?
A: There are several ways. We recommend Rsync to a NAS or similar. You can find a script here:

Q: Can I install in a VM with a NAT and port redirection of port 443 & 10000 & 22?
A: Yes, check this out:

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