Suite of utilities for Linux on Power systems
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powerpc-utils package

This package contains utilities which are intended for maintenance of IBM 
powerpc platforms that follow the POWER Architecture Platform Reference (PAPR),
This package requires the librtas package in order to function properly.
All of these utilities must be run as root.

The virtual IO administration utilities included in this package require the 
systool application.

Further documentation for each of these utilities is available in their
corresponding man pages.

update_flash:  system firmware update utility
A script that uses the rtas_flash kernel module to flash firmware.

set_poweron_time:  configure time for system power-on
A utility to set a time in the future for the system to automatically
power on, if the system is powered off at that time.

serv_config:  configure serviceability settings
A series of menus that can be used to update system service settings
stored in NVRAM, which are used by the system's service processor.
These settings include surveillance, boot, and remote maintenance
policies.  Different system configurations may expose different kinds
of serviceability parameters.

hvcsadmin: HVCS driver administration utility
This is the hvcs driver administration utility which simplifies hvcs
administration by providing a set of options for such functions as closing
adapter targets using device mapping, querying console adapters, querying
adapters based upon device node, gathering status, and closing all open
adapters.  Documentation is provided in man page hvcsadmin (8). IBMVSCSIS driver init script
When symlinked into start and stop run levels this script can provide vscsi
server operation automation.  It supports the standard array of init script
options {start|stop|status|restart}.  By design this script executes
operations in silent mode.  For extended vscsi server operations the
vscsisadmin script should be used instead.  Documentation is provided in
man page (8).

vscsisadmin: IBM Virtual SCSI Server (ibmvscsis) administration utilities
This is the virtual scsi server administration utility which simplifies
configuration, starting, and stopping of an IBM virtual SCSI server.  This
script can be run standalone or it can be invoked via the init
script.  Documentation is provided in man page vscsisadmin (8).  Configuration
script documentation is provided in ibmvscsis.conf (8) and outlines the proper
method for writing a well formed ibmvscsis configuration file.

Dynamic reconfiguration manager.  This isn't neccessarily meant to be invoked
from the command line, but rather is the command invoked via the RMC connection
from an HMC.

Tool used to determine dyanmic reconfiguration capable slots/cpus/memory
on a partition.

This allows users to set the smt state, smt-snooze-delay and other settings
on ppc64 processors. It also allows users to control the number of processor
cores which are online (not in the sleep state).

This utility provides the HMC or IVM with name information for
virtual devices so they can be matched against the VIOS names.

usysident, usysattn, usysfault:
Deprecated. Moved to ppc64-diag package.


The following tools are used by other maintenance utilities to gather
necessary information.  These tools are not typically invoked on the
command line.

activate_firmware:  concurrent firmware activation
Used during concurrent firmware update operations to activate the new
firmware image locally.  This utility is invoked automatically when

Used by the lsvpd utility to gather Vital Product Data that changes