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Getting Started

How to get started with Hydra. A quick way to get up and running your tests in Rails and Ruby on the Hydra framework.

How it Works

An introduction to the Hydra framework, showing you how Hydra works under the hood, and why it’s faster.


How to use Hydra to run your tests across muliple cores (processors) on your local machine.

Profiling Tests

How to use Hydra to run ruby-prof accross all your test files and generate a combined report.

Remote Workers

Setting up remote machines to run tests over SSH. To see how to synchronize your code, see Synchronization.

Currently under active development, be patient!

Remote Tasks

How to run Rake tasks on your remote workers, and how to setup Global Tasks that run across local and remote workers.


How to automatically synchronize your code changes to all your remote workers.

Custom Rake Tasks

Custom Rake tasks that can be used along Hydra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Various FAQs.

Success Stories

Have a success story? Share it here!