Failing file_filter_test.go #29

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Hi guys,

This is more of a heads up, I've not quite got to the bottom of the problem yet.

After some tweaks to our core Go package RPM spec file, I was comfortable enough to re-enable building our Go repos for some other distros. A mime based file_filter test failed for the following distros:
  • CentOS 6
  • RHEL 6
  • ScientificLinux 6

Given that these three distro's are clones, I'll bet there's some problem with mime type detection on RHEL 6. If I find more, I'll update.

Cheers the noo,


It certainly does look like the go standard library mime package isn't finding working on those systems. That's not really a problem we should solve here, though it's worth opening a ticket on the go project.

I think we can get our tests passing by manually adding all of the types we care about to the lookup table. That's probably a better solution anyway as it removed environment specific dependencies from our tests.

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I don't have access to those OSs to verify the fix. Could you please run them again and let me know if it's fixed?


The failing test now passes for all three platforms, thanks.

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