Send Events to Webhooks with Ease. Check the Examples to See for your self!
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Using the Basic Package you can Post Requests to Slack (Coming soon), Discord and other Services that have WebHook Endpoints with Ease!

This is a package for PHP, So it is PSR4 compliant and can be used with or without composer.

Zero Dependencies with exception of CURL.

The System is even ready for you to add you own Custom Webhook Endpoints.

How to use:

Load the Package using Composer

require_once("../vendor/autoload.php"); // Composer Method, Loading by PSR4
use nhalstead\WebhookCoordinator;

Load the Package not using Composer (Downloaded from GitHub)

require_once("../src/WebhookCoordinator_load.php"); // Manual Load, no PSR4 Autoload
use nhalstead\WebhookCoordinator;

This will send an Payload to a Specific channel on the specified event.

use nhalstead\WebhookCoordinator;
use nhalstead\Endpoints\DiscordWebhook;

// Create new Queue
$queue = new WebhookCoordinator();

// Make new Event
$newEvent = new DiscordWebhook("[DISCORD WEBHOOK URL]");

// Add and Send Events in Queue

For more Examples check out the /examples folder.