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Complex Columns πŸ”—

Columns in TOAST UI Grid can be grouped into the parents' column headers. Using the header.complexColumns option, you can form a tree stuctured parent header group with multiple columns. The parent header can also become a member of another parent header.

The header.complexColumns option uses the array of data objects used to define the parent columns. Like general columns, the parent column has name and header properties. Additionally, it taked a childNames option, and it can be used to configure a list of children to be placed under the parent column.

import Grid from 'tui-grid';

const grid = new Grid({
  el: document.getElementById('grid'),
  columns: [
      header: 'col1',
      name: 'col1'
      header: 'col2',
      name: 'col2'
      header: 'col3',
      name: 'col3'    
  header: {
    complexColumns: [
        header: 'col1 + col2',
        name: 'parent1',
        childNames: ['col1', 'col2']            
        header: 'col1 + col2 + col3',
        name: 'parent2',
        childNames: ['parent1', 'col3']

Now, the column parent1 has become the parent column of col1 and col2. Furthermore, parent1, along with col3, has become a child member of parent2.

The following image is the result of a complex column.



More examples with using complex columns can be found here.

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