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Frozen Columns ❄️

With TOAST UI Grid, you can use frozenCount option to fix columns in their places.


  • frozenCount: You can specify the number of columns to fix to the left by using the columnOptions option's frozenCount. The default value is set to 0, and it must be assigned an numerical value.
  • frozenBorderWidth: You can also specify the border width of a certain column by using the columnOptions option's frozenBorderWidth. The default value is 1, and it must be assigned a numerical value. The unit used is px.
import Grid from 'tui-grid';

const grid = new Grid({
  columnOptions: {
    frozenCount: 3, // Freeze 3 left most columns and 
    frozenBorderWidth: 2 // set the border width of frozen columns to be 2px.

The code above will produce the grid below.


Changing the Border Color

Using the applyTheme, you can change the color of the border line. Also, if you assign a color to the frozenBorder option's border value, you can set the border lines to be any color you want.

Grid.applyTheme('striped', {
  frozenBorder: {
    border: '#ff0000'

The grid below is the result of running the code above.



setFrozenColumnCount method can be used to change the number of fixed columns.

const grid = new Grid({
  // ... another options

grid.setFrozenColumnCount(2); // The number of columns to fix

All options are available in the Grid.columnOptions portion of the API Documentation.


More examples with frozen columns can be found here.

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