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Database of embassies and consulates

>>> Click here to see the data or download it (Press "Run" then "Download" then "CSV") <<<

Help needed

Non-developers: The database is not complete, we need your help to improve it. To add/modify/remove information, please edit the relevant item in Wikidata (example). If no item is available on Wikidata, please create it, or add it to the city in Wikivoyage (example) if you are not confortable with Wikidata. Also, go check physically whether each embassy still exists or not, and if not please tell us here. Thanks!

Developers: Take 10 minutes to familiarize yourself with SPARQL then pick any issue you like :-) Don't hesitate to create other issues to document any problem with the data, or send pull requests to add your custom scripts. Convenient tools: QuickStatements, Harvest Templates.


Many embassies and consulates are still missing from the database, please see the paragraph above to help fill the gaps, many thanks!