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A specially modified version of serialosc.maxpat written by tehn. Replace the
serialosc.maxpat file shipped with each monome application with this one. It
lets Linux users assign static ports, so that they don't have to deal with the
conflicting Bonjour service discovery stack.

It needs to be edited to reflect your application and server port numbers, which
you can find in ~/.config/serialosc/.

Replace all instances of ''#1'' with your server port number (e.g. 15924). Find
the line ''udpsend localhost'' (line 92) and change the number to your server
port number (e.g. 15924).

Next, find the line ''udpreceive'' (line 78) and change the number to your
application port number (e.g. 9001).

Copy this edited serialosc.maxpat into the folder for each Max application you
want to run.
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