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Fixing NPE in mobius projects
By default now Global reward will ignore Offline Stores
By default now Global reward will ignore Fake Players
Rewards will not allow players without IP Address

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Vote System & Donate System for Java based Lineage2 Servers all in one

DenArt Designs Automatic Donation Panels are supported by this system

VDSystem supports 7 Topsites on 58 Projects and 2 Donation Systems

Keep project alive by Donating here: Donate

For anonymous donations




  • Special thanks to Rationale 😢


  • Version 1.4

    • Update Premium Mobius Projects
      • Update JDK 17
      • Update libraries
      • Removal of 8.0 Homunculus
      • Removal of 9.0 Return of the Queen Ant
      • Removal of 5.0 Sylph
      • Addition of 8.2 Homunculus
      • Addition of 9.2 Return of the Queen Ant
      • Addition of 5.2 Frost Lord
      • Updated Patch diffs
  • Version 1.3

    • Rework on VoteCMD
      • Fixed possible concurrent error on response thread (Ty Rationale)
      • Using StatsSet to transfer data in method isEligible (Ty Rationale)
      • Introducing a Flood Protector (Ty Rationale)
      • Using "NONE" for default errors to avoid NPE
      • Thread Execute will run on random between 1 and 10 seconds to avoid cheats
      • (LUCERA only) added window pop up and command .vote
    • IP Flood Protection
    • Typo in Url
    • Rework Flood Protector & Individual var save method
      • Flood Protector (thanks Rationale)
        • Added FloodProtectorHolder Private class
        • Added Logic VoteSite enum
        • Added FLOOD_PROTECTOR array list
        • NOTE: HWID is not available for all packs since mostly depend on client protection, is up to server admin to add it.
      • saveIndividualVar method
        • Drops player object
        • Recount on statement vars
    • INDIVIDUAL INSERT, SELECT queries drop char_id
    • Create individual table drops char_id and primary keys
    • for existing users must drop the table (it will be automatically created again)
    • Fixing path typo in readme files
    • Update main readme with new projects
    • Add L2JDP by Elesis (Request by CrazyRXD)
    • Lucera remove redudant parenthesis
    • Mobius Premium Sylph Extra wrong library import
    • Fixing 2 errors on out of box settings
      • Default configuration
        • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException caused by ; in the end of reward strings
      • Database tables
        • Global table creation fixed caused by an extra , (coma)
      • Thanks LLiuKe for the heads up (y)
    • Fixing IOOBE error
      • IOOBE error fix (thank you Huesitos)
      • Removing totally the player variable from Utilities#selectIndividualVar() method
      • missed on 133a00f
    • SQL Fix
      • Fixing individual Duplicate entry error (Thanks Francisco)
    • Fixing IP restriction after 1 player votes
      • Individual SQL select depends on ip now
      • Adding commend parameters that were missing
      • Capitalize ip to IP parameters
      • Utilities#selectIndividualVar
        • Adding IP string
  • Version 1.2

    • see lucera updates only.
  • Version 1.1

    • Minimal Requirement on server resources and class consistency along projects.
      • Addition of Thread class.
      • Addition of Random class.
      • Addition of Logs class.
      • Addition of Url class.
      • Addition of Rewards class.
      • SQL independence on tables with vds_individual and vds_global tables automatic install by default
    • Addition of topsites and their configs.
      • Hopzone.
      • L2Network.
      • L2TopGameServer.
      • L2TopServers.
      • L2Votes.
      • L2JBrasil.
    • Gui
      • Addition of Debug on/off button.
      • Addition of Bug report button.
      • Removed Debug mode.
      • Rework on the class to update all topsite statistics.
      • Rework on console size and re-arrange information and console.
    • Fixed Bug that made global with individual rewards conflict.
    • Improved custom JSon parser for wannabe-called APIs on a lot of topsites.
    • Improved Debug with External IP Address.
    • Improved code style on some cases like enchanted switch on mobius projects.
  • Version 1.0

    • Initial commit


Q: What is VDSystem?

A: (V)ote (D)onation (S)ystem all in one!

Q: Will you install it for me?

A: No.

Q: how hard is to install this?

A: Very easy few clicks and comes with a Patch.diff for each project!

Q: What if I pay you will you help me then?

A: No.

Q: Can I report problems or fixes?

A: Obviously yes in fact it is encouraged!

Q: My server pack is not on the list!

A: I will need the server.jar from your project to release a source for this (nothing private)


  • Version 1.1

  • Version 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

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