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module Laravel
# This class provides a means to create new applications based on the Laravel
# framework. Most of the methods used here have been defined in the
# AppSupport module, which is being included as a mixin here.
class App
# include the Helpers and AppSupport modules which have all the helper methods defined.
include Laravel::Helpers
include Laravel::AppSupport
# these attributes must be available as: object.attribute
attr_reader :path, :source, :cache, :options
# This method initializes a new App object for us, on which we can apply
# our changes. Logically, this new App object represents an application
# based on Laravel.
# ==== Parameters
# +path+ :: The path to the Laravel based application. This can either
# be a relative path to the current directory, or the absolute path. If
# +path+ is not supplied, we assume current directory.
# +options+ :: A hash of options for this application. This hash can be
# created manually, but more closely resembles the options choosen by the
# user and forwarded by the Thor to us.
def initialize(path = nil, options = nil)
self.path = path
self.options = options
self.source = options[:source] if options
self.source = LaravelRepo if not @source
# Expands the supplied +path+ for the application so that we have an absolute
# directory path to work with.
# ==== Parameters
# +path+ :: The path to the laravel based application. If path is not supplied,
# we assume the current directory.
def path=(path="")
path = Dir.pwd if not path or path.empty?
@path = File.expand_path(path)
# Merge the given options with the already existing options.
# ==== Parameters
# +options+ :: a hash of options to merge
def options=(options={})
@options = @options ? @options.merge(options) : options
# Set the source for this application, and implicitely, set the directory
# path for the local cache for this source.
# ==== Parameters
# +source+ :: the source url or directory path
def source=(source=nil)
# source must default to Official Laravel Repository if none is provided
@source = options[:source] if options
@source = LaravelRepo if not @source or @source.empty?
# if the specified source is a remote repository, create a cache
# directory otherwise, use the source as the cache
@cache = source_is_local? ? @source : cache_directory
# This method creates a new Laravel based application for us. This method
# is invoked by the 'new' task. It first checks if we can create the
# application in the specified directory, then updates/downloads the local
# cache for the given source, and then copies over the files from this
# cache to the specified directory. Finally, it checks if we have a working
# Laravel application at which point it either raises and error and cleans
# up, or configures the application, as requested.
def create
# check if we are missing the required force
# apply some force, when we are boosted with one
# download or update local cache
# copy the framework files from the cache
# make necessary changes for the new app, if we were successful in
# download otherwise, remove the downloaded source
if has_laravel?
say_success "Cloned Laravel repository."
# update permissions on storage/ directory (this is the default)
update_permissions_on_storage if @options[:perms]
# configure this new application, as required
say_success "Hurray! Your Laravel application has been created!"
say_failed "Downloaded source is not Laravel framework or its fork."
show_info "Cleaning up.."
# remove all directories that we created, as well as the cache.
# raise an error since we failed.. :(
raise LaravelError, "Source for downloading repository is corrupt!"
# This method configures the application as required by the user.
# It does so by invoking the 'from_options' method of the Configuration class.
def configure_from_options
if @options[:config]
config =, @options[:config])