Distributed Stockfish analysis for lichess.org
Python Shell


fishnet: distributed Stockfish analysis for lichess.org

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Via pip

To install or upgrade to the latest version do:

pip install --upgrade --user fishnet

Example usage:

python -m fishnet --auto-update

Via Docker

There is a Docker container courtesy of @ageneau. For example you can simply do:

docker run ageneau/fishnet --key MY_APIKEY --auto-update

lichess.org custom Stockfish

fishnet is using lichess.org custom Stockfish by @ddugovic.

You can build Stockfish yourself (for example with ./build-stockfish.sh) and provide the path using python -m fishnet --stockfish-command. Otherwise a precompiled binary will be downloaded for you.



See protocol.md for details.


fishnet is licensed under the GPLv3+ license. See LICENSE.txt for the full license text.